Worthwhile Reads 5/24/15

Good morning on this lovely Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re in the United States, that means you may have a long weekend. Yay! If you’re me, it means you’re in a wedding today! I’m writing this post in advance because there’s little time to write with all of the wedding chaos, but I’m still linking up with Amanda to share some worthwhile reads with you all. Enjoy!


From A Place Of Appreciation And Awe

A beautifully written piece on investing in your appearance as a form of self-love that I can completely relate to. When I was most sick, I did not care what I looked like whatsoever. For me, it was a sign of recovery when I began investing in my appearance once more. 

Real Life Transparency: When Disorder Feels Like Order And Then It Doesn’t

I have been loving this series that Robyn is doing, and this post is no exception. It is wonderfully raw, honest, and hopeful.

What I Learned: From Gaining 20 Pounds

This post articulates so many of the small, glorious things that necessary weight gain can bring into our lives through recovery.

Why This Recovered Anorexic Won’t Eat Gluten-Free

Eating disorders change your ability to “just diet” as so many people in mainstream society do. Sometimes, it can be tempting to go along with the fads, but it is so much more important to ensure the stability of our recovery when the temptation arises.

Giving Up Exercise: The Science

Similarly to how disordered eating can live on through socially acceptable diet fads, it can be easy to use exercise to fuel or sustain disordered eating habits. This is some valuable information on why it may be beneficial to try giving up exercise in recovery, at least temporarily.

Life, Etc. 

Women’s Health Month: 10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is at least as important as physical health, and these are some good tips for taking care of yourself.

3 Ways To Slow Down And Take Better Care Of Yourself

During all of the wedding chaos, I have had to remember to take care of myself. Of course, it’s wonderful to take care of others, but we can’t neglect ourselves in the process. 

You’re Holding Yourself Back From A Better Life, But Learning How To Say ‘No’ Can Change That

If you were raised to please others, it can be extremely difficult to say ‘no’ when you need to, but it is a highly valuable skill to work on developing. 
That’s it for this week! I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 5/24/15

  1. The Real Life Transparency article was really great! Our bodies find a way to make us slow down. Either that, or God opens up different doors for us that necessitate a reevaluation of priorities.
    Thanks for the AMAZING articles again!

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