Five Things Friday 6/12/15

Good morning! I hope that your week thus far has been a pleasant one. Mine has been busy and full of ups and downs, but it has been pretty decent overall. Seeing as it is already Friday, I am linking up with Clare today to finish off the work week. Enjoy!

Five Things I Ate


A sliver of this amazing ice cream cake that I made for work. Having a taste was a big challenge for me, and it was not entirely free from disorder thoughts and obstacles, but this cake was damn delicious.


A couple of milk duds for an afternoon chocolate fix.


Eggs Benedict, which used to be one of my absolute favorite dishes. I hadn’t eaten it in a long time because of disordered rules and fears, and I decided to challenge myself by getting it at a restaurant with some family friends the other day. I ordered half of a classic Benedict and half of a veggie Benedict, and both were wonderful!


Spinach salad with blue cheese, chicken, cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette while out to dinner the other night.


I did something yesterday that I never imagined myself doing – I ate my oatmeal out of a nearly-empty peanut butter jar. I have to admit, it is an excellent way to avoid wasting peanut butter and it’s incredibly travel-friendly!


They don’t have to hold the amount of power that we given them.

Cinnamon Crunch Ice Cream - easy homemade ice cream packed with cinnamon flavor! Recipe from

This cinnamon ice cream looks delightful. Ice cream is usually not my favorite dessert, but when it is as hot as it has been lately, it starts looking much more appealing.

ABC's of Recovery

These are great, although I would add that “eating healthy” should include eating in a way that benefits your mental and physical health, not in the moderately disordered way that our society advertises as healthy.


I wish I could quit you, gold jewelry.

You Should Be Happy in Your Body!

Fuck yeah.

Five Things Making Me Happy


Warm summer evenings, when I can sit on the back porch while I eat my dinner.


This wonderful new perfume that I got recently. We have had it for sale at my work for a long time, and I went back and forth about whether I should spend my money on it. The other day, I mentioned how much I loved the scent to my coworker who is in charge of our inventory, and she decided to give it to me!


Being able to ride my bike down to the grocery store and come back with a basketful of groceries. The other day, I think I broke a personal record by carrying three full bags back with me on my bike. It may have been the greatest accomplishment of my year, if not my life. On a side note, I wish this bag were actually being used to shop at Trader Joe’s but, alas, we do not have one in the state of Montana yet.

Heading to Portland next week! It’s sort of strange that I’m going on vacation again, seeing as I just got home and I am not one who vacations much, but that’s how the dates ended up working out this time around. I will get to visit my family, several friends, and a few coworkers from Indiana who will be in town for a conference. It should be a fun couple of days to explore the city with all kinds of lovely people.

That’s it for this Friday! I hope your weekend gets off to a wonderful start!


9 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 6/12/15

  1. I have been to Trader Joe’s twice and wanted to buy a bag, but felt like I was cheating on my home grocery store =P I could NEVER do that! I’ve always wanted to go to Portland because I hear it’s really veg-friendly. I hope you have a great trip 🙂

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