Worthwhile Reads 5/3/15

Good morning! Aside from being far too short, my weekend has been lovely and I hope yours has been as well. Today, I’m linking up with Amanda again to share some worthwhile reads from the past week. Enjoy!


These Alternatives to Fitspo’s Messages Will Make You Rethink What it Means to Take Care of Your Body

Some far superior alternatives to the common, disordered “fitspirational” way that we often view exercise.

Why Fat Girls Should NEVER Show Their Skin

A bold piece calling out the absurd fat-shaming that rules so much of our society’s cultural expectations.

Real Life Transparency + Transformation: Recovering From HA

This is a wonderfully honest post on embracing life and recovering from disordered eating, even when it is not diagnosed as such.

What Most People Don’t Know About My “Weight Loss Story” 

A great post about the patience required to heal your relationship with food and your body, and why it is worth the effort.

One Man’s Long Battle With Eating Disorders

Eating disorders do not only affect women, and it can be even harder for men to break their silence. It is great to see some men opening up and sharing their experience, and hopefully it will encourage others find the courage to seek help.

10 Critical Lessons I Learned From Having A Binge Eating Disorder

A lot of information that I have seen about BED since it has recently gained recognition has seemed very weight-focused. This is a great post that looks beyond a person’s weight to address the underlying causes of such a disorder.

It’s Time For A Fresh Recovery Perspective

A wonderfully encouraging post for those times when you feel stuck in recovery.

This Year, #LoveTheMirror

The women in this post are wonderful examples of appreciating bodies as they are.

Life, Etc.

Londoners Reject Sexist “Beach Body” Ad With Creative Protests

It’s great to see people realizing the problem with ads like these!

How Reality TV Might Bring Out The Best In Us

Well, I’m glad some good might come of my shameless adoration of reality TV.

Self-Care Sunday: 15 Ideas For Spending The Day

Need some quick ideas for how to care for yourself today? Look no further!

That’s it for this Sunday – I hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 5/3/15

  1. I totally linked up that first article too! It was great! You certainly find some great reads. Where do you find them? Do you subscribe to a list serve?

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