What I Ate Wednesday 5/6/15: Fuel For Life

Good Wednesday morning! I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons again this week to share a day’s worth of food with you, and it was a mighty fine day at that. Since my month of giving up exercise entirely, I have allowed myself to ease back into exercising through yoga, walking, and riding my bike. I knew that I needed to approach this with caution, however, and yesterday I decided that I needed to take a break. Since I have found that rigidity is the enemy of recovery, I wanted to take a day free from extraneous exercise simply for the mental health that such a break would offer. Not engaging in formal exercise does not mean that we are not active, however, and yesterday reminded me of how important it is to view our bodies not as calorie-burning machines, but as living organisms that need calories to engage in the activities of everyday life, not only to complete workouts.

Although I have experimented with other breakfasts lately, nothing has taken over oatmeal’s rein quite yet, and I started yesterday morning with a lovely bowl of my old favorite.


Mid-morning, I was hungry for a snack and in need of some coffee. I tried making huckleberry scones on Monday night, and I brought one with me to work to give them a taste. For a first-time scone attempt, I have to say that it was pretty damn delicious, especially toasted alongside my morning cup of coffee.

IMG_6224 (1)

For lunch, I brought a big salad with two almost-hard-boiled eggs on it and some poppyseed/balsamic dressing. I had my salad with carrots and hummus, a few Everything Crackers from Trader Joe’s, and some of the best cheese in the world. I finished my lunch off with an apple, which I didn’t bother to photograph because it pretty much just looked like a normal apple.


A while after lunch, I was ready for an afternoon cup of coffee. My boss was also sampling some dark chocolate with dried fruit pieces in it, and I had a bit of that as well.


Once my shift ended, I headed home and had a little snack consisting of some blueberries with whole-milk greek yogurt and a little cereal on top. Even though I was not formally exercising yesterday, I was on my feet for over eight hours straight, and my body was bound to need some fuel to keep it going.


After I finished my yogurt, I finally started planting my vegetable garden! I spent a good bit of time weeding (ugh), but my efforts paid off with lovely soil in which to plant a few things. When I finally stopped all of the weeding, planting, and watering, I noticed that I was hungry yet again. Whether or not it is “exercise”, gardening is hard work, and our bodies need fuel to engage in all of the tasks of our day. I made a bowl of popcorn (with a couple of Cheddar Bunnies frolicking in it) and sat down to journal for a few minutes.

IMG_6236 (1)

After my snack, I ran to the store to buy some more seeds and did a little more gardening, followed by a FaceTime date with a college friend. When I finished talking to her, I was more than ready for dinner. I made Pad Thai and ate it with some green beens cooked in a little sesame oil. Unfortunately, the Pad Thai was not as good as it has been when I have made it in the past, but it worked well enough. For a little dessert, I ate a mini shortbread cookie, a few dark chocolate chips, and a couple of dried cherries.


I did a short, easy yoga video after dinner, worked on some chores around the house, and had another FaceTime date with a friend. She and I talked for quite a while, so I started winding down for the night as soon as our conversation wrapped up. I was hungry for a snack before bed, as per usual, so I made a simple piece of toast with peanut butter and called it a night.


Food is fuel for our bodies, but it is not solely fuel for completing workouts. I spent far too long in my disorder feeling the need to justify food choices by exercise and using exercise as a way of earning calories. The reality is that food is fuel for life. It is fuel for gardening, thinking, talking, and laughing. Yes, if you are an athlete your body may require some extra fuel, but it requires a good deal of fuel each and every day, regardless of activity level. Food sustains more than personal bests in weight lifting and long runs. Food sustains life, and it sustains each and every wonderful thing that goes along with living.


8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday 5/6/15: Fuel For Life

  1. What is your scone recipe? I want to make some scones but do not know where to start. Those look delicious!

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