Worthwhile Reads 6/7/15

Good morning! Is it seriously Sunday already? Just when I think time can’t move any faster, it surprises me by doing just that. I suppose that’s another reason to live each day to its fullest potential, which means linking up with Amanda to share some links with y’all on this gorgeous day! I have quite a few reads for you this week, so I hope you’re ready to soak in some information. And if you’re not, feel free to bookmark this page and return at a later date 🙂


Why You Shouldn’t Blame Yourself For Binge Eating

This is an interesting article about the relationship between depression, impulsivity, and binge eating. I do feel the need to issue a trigger warning, though, because I know that any talk of binge eating scared me into restriction for quite some time. If you have similar sensitivities, I suggest skipping this post for now. 

Surviving The One Eating Disorder Nobody Talks About

Eating disorders are not limited to only anorexia and bulimia. There are so many people struggling with disordered eating that may not meet our ideas of diagnostic criteria, which brings about its own set of challenges.

13 Things Never To Say To A Woman With Anorexia

Even those who love us most can say some incredibly ignorant things. Here are a few comments to avoid. 

The Real Reason You Don’t Know How To Eat

Our societal obsession with knowing what to do and how to do it, especially when it comes to our bodies, is taking us farther and farther from the intuition we are born with.

The Final Proof You Need To Stop The Scale Obsession

This post makes an excellent case for ditching our obsession with weight.

Distinguishing Your Voice From That Of Your Eating Disorder 

Sometimes it can be truly difficult to differentiate between our healthy selves and our disordered selves, and these are some wonderful tips for making the right choice. 

The Unicorn Syndrome

I love this post! In recovery, we often think of all of the ways that we must be the exception. This belief that we must be different, that recovery does not apply to us in the same way as it applies to others, can keep us stuck in our disorders. This post has some great tips for trusting the process rather than letting fear hold us back.

The Real Problem

Often times, it is not our behaviors that are problematic, but our attitudes and negative thoughts about those behaviors that cause us distress.

How To Cope When The Negative Thoughts Return 

Even far into recovery, it’s reasonable to expect a return of negative thoughts from time to time, but it is entirely possible to move forward with awareness and effective coping strategies. 

5 Tips For a Saying Goodbye To Your Scale

Scales can suck it. 

To Eat Or Not Eat

I love what Alison says- there is no question! We always have permission to eat. 

Dadbod Isn’t That Funny When You’re A Guy Recovering From An Eating Disorder

Kudos to the author of this post for speaking out about the challenges of recovery from a male perspective. 

Life, Etc.

Saying Goodbye To Guilt & Shame

Guilt and shame are two emotions that are often associated with eating disorders and addictive behaviors. They can be confused with one another, and this article articulates some of the important differences between the two.

What Our Obsession With So-Called “Bikini Bodies” Says About Us

It’s almost summer, which means we will begin to be exposed to more and more pressure to have a “bikini body”. This is an excellent societal critique of what this obsession says about us.

Yoga Saved My Life! (But Not Really)

This is a wonderful perspective on the power we have within our own lives. It is unlikely that one thing will completely change our lives. Rather, a multitude of things can lead us to personal growth, which is what truly changes us.

How To Accept People. Even Those You Hate. 

We don’t have to like everybody, but we do need to find a way to coexist with most of the population while taking care of ourselves. On the flip side of this, however, I think that there are some instances when it is best for our mental health to entirely avoid the toxic people in our lives, at least for a while.

You Can Be Loved: For Those Of Us With Mental Illness


Before You Dismiss The Concept Of Thin Privilege, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Unfortunately, thin privilege is alive and well in our society. 

9 Things For Your Computer That You Should Start Doing

Seeing as I once crashed my laptop’s motherboard by riding my bike with it in the basket (it turns out computers don’t enjoy riding in baskets), I know that I could use some tips on practical computer maintanence, and these ones are practical and manageable. 

That’s it for this week – enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


7 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 6/7/15

  1. I really like the article about hot to accept people. I have worked on this for so long with my family and finally got through it. It took me FOREVER to get over all the things about them that just annoy me. I am glad I finally did. It makes my life so much less stressful and happy 🙂

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