Worthwhile Reads 5/31/15

Happy Sunday morning to you from Montana! I arrived home late last night after a long day of travel and a semi-conscious collapse into my bed. Today, however, I am bright-eyes, bushy-tailed, and ready to link up with Amanda to share some good reads with you!


The Non-Intuitive Side Of Intuitive Eating

Eating intuitively is an excellent goal, but it should never turn into another diet to follow.

PTSD And Bulimia

A fascinating article on the connection between bulimia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Traveling With Ed

I love the empathetic tone of this post. Traveling without an eating disorder is stressful enough, but traveling with one can be nearly debilitating and it is so important to acknowledge the additional stress and prepare.

Perfectionism And Eating

I never considered myself a perfectionist, but in retrospect there were many ways that my anxiety about inadequacy shone through in my life before anorexia. Of course, anybody can develop disordered eating patterns, but those who know their tendency to be perfectionists may want to be especially careful to not become obsessive about food and exercise.

YOU Have To Make The Decision

Another fabulous post from Julia that rings true. We will have to choose recovery for ourselves over and over again. Friends and family can be wonderful supports and treatment facilities can be necessary interventions, but we are the ones who make the changes to choose health over sickness.

5 Ways To Boost Your Body Image (Without Going On A Diet)

Ultimately, dieting does not increase our self-image in a way that is sustainable. Here are some tips on how to feel better about yourself while avoiding the dangers of dieting.

Melissa McCarthy: “People Don’t Stop At Size 12

I absolute love that Melissa McCarthy has become one of the few celebrities who acknowledges her weight and refuses to succumb to the idea that she needs to change herself. She seems to live a happy life just as she is, and I admire that she has not become the newest Jenny Craig or Atkins Diet spokeswoman. When I was overweight, I felt as if I was not seen as a complete, valuable person, and I hope that Melissa’s attitude will help others realize that people are worthy of love and acceptance at every size.

Have These Lies Taught You That It’s Okay To Body Shame? Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Mainstream society believes a lot of things about weight that are simply not true, and these things are used as excuses for body shaming. The bottom line is that shame is never a useful tool for helping people, and the appearance of others’ bodies should not concern us in any way whatsoever.

Life, Etc.

10 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

I’m so happy to be back into reading once again. I had forgotten who great it is to finish a good book.

10 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

I like this little summary of current events as a way to stay informed without being overwhelmed.

The Place Where You Are

A lovely, short reflection on life in the moment.

The Psychology Of Choice

An interesting article on how we make decisions.

What Not To Say To Someone With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I struggled with OCD as a child, and exhibited similar symptoms when I was at my lowest weight due to anorexia as well. Mental illnesses are serious, and downplaying them is never helpful.

That’s this week’s list for you! Go forth, and enjoy your Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 5/31/15

  1. I needed that post about ways to boost your body image. Sometimes I just feel in a funk, not about my body, but in general. I think these tips can be used to just put you in a different mindset and make you happy. I am going to use these the next time I just want to feel better 🙂 Great articles again!

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