Five Things Friday 5/15/15

Hello there on this lovely Friday! I’m linking up with Clare again today to share some of what I’ve been up to over the past week. I’m a little late posting because I woke up 22 minutes before I had to be at work, which is totally out of character for me but such is life. I guess I needed the sleep, and I wasn’t even late!

Five Things I Ate

Fantastic food at my coworker’s party last weekend – he had smoked salmon, tuna steaks, elk and beef cooked in every way imaginable, and a ton of wonderful side dishes, including bacon-wrapped dates!


I bought these oranges not knowing what in the hell a power orange was, but they are absolutely delicious regardless of what makes them powerful. Honestly, these are some of the best oranges I have ever tasted.


A piece of this chocolate that a friend gave me for my birthday. Oh my word. Good chocolate is food of the gods.


A salad that was challenging for me and that I have avoided in the past because of ingredients that made me anxious. I ate the whole thing, and it was delicious!


A taste of each of these birthday desserts that I made for work – berries and cream sponge cake and dark chocolate orange truffle cake. Both were delightfully rich and delicious!


Five Things I Pinned

superhussyisms: gospel. afrocentricmiss: my life.

Excellent advice to keep in mind.

So lovely.


Key lime anything is automatically wonderful as far as I’m concerned. 

 We sell these bracelets at my work and I have been so tempted to buy one.

These look so very tasty!  

Five Things Making Me Happy

Even though my coworker’s party had a good number of food challenges for me to face, I was so glad that I went. He lives on an incredible piece of property, including this ridiculously cool gazebo. All in all, I had a great time chatting with friends around the bonfire and enjoying good company!


My uncle is in town before my cousin’s wedding next week, and it has been so nice having him here. I love being at a place in my recovery where I am starting to feel like myself again, and I can much more easily prioritize people over my disorder. With all of its challenges and slip-ups, recovery is still worlds better than living under the thumb of a disorder 24/7.

I made a photo book for my host family in Senegal, and it finally came in the mail, which meant that I could put together a little package for them! I’m hoping that the book makes it all the way there, along with this chocolate bar, which I’m guessing will be thoroughly melted.


I found my very first journal that I began at the start of my recovery, and it is mind-blowing for me to read. Old journals can be hard to read, but they are perfect reminders of just how far we have come.


I finally washed my yoga mats, which was much overdo. It was prompted by my cat throwing up on it (cats are assholes), but it was beyond time for it to happen. Now I can relax without smelling feet!

IMG_0066 (1)

That’s it for this Friday! I hope your weekend is splendid. 


4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 5/15/15

  1. What pretty bracelets! I am glad I work at a place that doesn’t sell jewelry because I would be BROKE! The raspberry rolls look delicious! I have been on a berry kick with my morning cereal and this would be the perfect way to change it up.
    Confession: I’ve NEVER washed my yoga mat :-X

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