What I Ate Wednesday 5/13/15: A Chaotic Day Of Food

Hey there! I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start. I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons again this week to share a day’s worth of food with you, and yesterday was pretty cray cray, as the kids say. Do you ever have days where you don’t stop moving long enough to realize how tired you are? That was yesterday for me, and I had to try my best to be vigilant about fueling my body throughout the day rather than be absorbed into the madness and neglect my nutritional needs.

The day started off in a hurry, as I woke up later than I would have liked because I was having an in-depth dream about taking care of animals that were turkeys with cat heads (WTF, subconscious?). In the interest of full disclosure, I also made a poor, disordered decision yesterday morning. I was feeling anxious about making sure that I could get in all of my physical therapy exercises in the day, and I chose to do them rather than give myself time to get ready and eat breakfast at home. In retrospect, this was not the right choice, and I want to be entirely honest about the slip-up.  As a result, I rushed around through my morning routine, and I only had the chance to start my delicious bowl of oatmeal before I headed to work. We were fairly busy right off the bat once I got there, but I was able to finish up my breakfast between customers. It may not have been ideal, but sometimes we have to be adaptable to our surroundings.


As the morning rolled on, I continually had to do brief check-ins with my body to see how I was feeling in an effort to not let myself get to the point of starving before I ate something else. Mid-morning, I was hungry and we had a lull in business, so I was able to snack on a section of a coconut pineapple bran muffin with my first cup of coffee of the day. The small bit of muffin didn’t quite hold me over until lunch, which ended up being fairly late, so I also ate a bite of granola bar and a couple of pistachios to bridge the gap.


When my lunch break finally rolled around, I heated up this Caprese baguette that I took home from work a couple of days ago. I am still sometimes shocked by how hard I have to fight disordered thoughts and behaviors when I eat something way out of my comfort zone like this sandwich, but I did my best to challenge any negative thoughts head-on. I enjoyed my lunch with a salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette before I had to head back to work.


The afternoon stayed steady, and I could feel myself getting hungry a little while after my lunch break. I found a moment to enjoy a second cup of coffee with a mini ginger cookie and a small taste of extra-dark chocolate from my coworker to keep my going through the rest of my shift.


After work ended, I raced to an appointment with my naturopath. I knew that it could end up being fairly long, so I ate an orange and a few nuts on my way there.


As it turned out, my appointment was quite long, and I was rather hungry when I left the office. My uncle is in town for a few days, and I knew that he was coming over so that I could help him sell something on Craigslist, so I ate a bowl of frozen blueberries with some honey greek yogurt and cereal and spent a few minutes writing in my journal before he arrived.


Although I had planned on having something a little more interesting for dinner, working with my uncle took a decent chunk of time and I wanted to throw together something familiar and easy by the time we were finished. I had an open jar of Thai green curry from Trader Joe’s in the refrigerator, so I cooked some chicken, rice, and vegetables in a bit of the curry sauce. It may not have been especially out of the ordinary, but it was a tasty dinner nonetheless. For something sweet to round out the meal, I ate a few semi-sweet and white chocolate chips with dried fruit and cinnamon cereal.


When I finished with my dinner, I dove right into baking birthday desserts to take to work today and I didn’t finish until pretty late at night. When I finally had a moment to take a breath and relax for a moment, I realized that I was hungry once again, and completely exhausted. Before I collapsed in a heap onto my bed, I ate a slice of toast with peanut butter and took some time to do a little stretching.


Days like yesterday can seemingly come out of nowhere, and recovery has reminded me of how important it is to remember to prioritize care of the body when things are a little chaotic. Life gets busy, and as long as we are taking care of ourselves that busyness can be fun and exhilarating. The best we can do is care for ourselves amidst the madness and know that our bodies require and deserve care even when there are a million things happening at once around us.


6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday 5/13/15: A Chaotic Day Of Food

  1. I totally have those days that are on the move! When I get home, all I want to do is fall on my bed and nap! There is nothing better than a siesta before dinner. I find that doing that helps me feel what my body is telling me, that I am more tired and just need to rest a second, not ravenously hungry. Then I make better decisions 🙂

  2. I have seriously been loving these posts 🙂 Do you have a recipe for this oatmeal? It looks heavenly ❤ Btw, just wanted to congratulate you on being superior to ED on this day. I know how hard it is to be flexible, and although you did have a slip-up, you did an amazing job of composing yourself and progressing throughout the day. Be proud of yourself!

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