Worthwhile Reads 5/10/15

Good morning! Another week has flown by, and it is already Sunday, which seems to come incredibly fast on weeks when I work on Saturday. Even though life has been busy, I have managed to find some good reads this week, and I’m linking up with Amanda to share them with you today. Enjoy!


Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Tied To Eating Disorder Risk

This connection is an interesting one, and understanding who may be at the highest risk of developing eating disorders could help expand important preventative measures.

My Body As An Act Of Worship

Whether or not you consider yourself religious, this post beautifully articulates an attitude toward our bodies that can be a wonderful motivator for recovery.

Stop Counting Calories And Start Feeling Them

With all of the emphasis on the importance of calorie counts and fitness trackers, it is refreshing to see this alternative, more intuitive perspective.

Why Do I Talk About “Creative Recovery”?

A great post on making recovery your own and finding your unique motivations and purpose.

9 Reasons Diets Don’t Work (Because You Should Probably Just Eat The Damn Cake)

In case you needed even more reasons to not diet, these are some great ones.

What’s It Like To Be Anorexic?

Obviously, everybody’s experience with an eating disorder will be different, but I think it is important for people to realize how miserable they truly are. Although I never thought anorexia would be a walk in the park, I know that I did not understand the pain and loneliness of the disorder until I experienced it.

Intuitive Eating Tip Of The Day

It may be a while before intuitive eating feels possible in recovery, but this is a great tip when the time comes!

You’re Supposed To Eat, So Stop Eating The Smallest Amount Possible

This article is refreshingly honest and relatable. Eating a ridiculously small amount of food is not an accomplishment.

5 Models Show That All Bodies Are Beautiful

It is excellent to see more and more models challenging unrealistic beauty expectations in women.

Life, Etc. 

What A Real Woman Looks Like

We’re all real women.

Modern Loss – Mother’s Day When You Don’t Have A Mom

Although holidays like Mother’s Day can be celebratory for many of us, it can be a painful reminder and a time of grief for many others.

“How Can Anyone Love Me With All My Issues?”
If you have ever wondered if you can be lovable with all of the “baggage” you have, read this. 

Daily Meditation: Mother’s Day

A beautiful meditation for this Mother’s Day.

That’s it for this Sunday – I hope the rest of your weekend is absolutely lovely!


3 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 5/10/15

  1. Another week of great reads! I don’t know how you find them all! My favorite “How Can Anyone Love Me With All My Issues?!”

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