Worthwhile Reads 4/26/15

Good morning! I’m linking up with Amanda again this week to share some worthwhile posts and articles with you all. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know of any other good reads you’ve found recently!


Dear Nutritionist

It is utterly heartbreaking how misinformed medical professionals can be when it comes to eating disorders. I can relate to a lot of the experience described in this post, unfortunately, and I know that I am not alone in that.

4 Ways To Cope With Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a huge challenge in recovery, and these are some good tips for pushing toward recovery even when gaining weight feels terrifyingly impossible.

81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford A Therapist

I feel that I owe the majority of my recovery progress to the work I have done with my therapist, but it’s excellent that there are so many resources available to supplement therapy or provide help when therapy may not be an option.

When A Teen’s Health Kick Turns Into Anorexia

This article articulates a major issue in combatting eating disorders – they are often not recognized (and are sometimes applauded) until disordered thought and behavior patterns are firmly in place.

What To Tell Your Daughter About Her Weight

There is one customer at my job who often comments on the calories in his daughter’s drink of choice, and it drives me insane. That attitude teaches mistrust of one’s body and shame, neither of which are helpful to kids.

Your Google Search Habits Actually Reveal A Lot About Your Body Image

I shudder to think about what things I Googled in the thick of my disorder, but I guarantee that they said a lot about my mental health and self-image at the time, and they certainly did not say good things.

The Weight Of The Words Left Unsaid

Ultimately, harassing people for their diet or their body type does nothing to help them. Although I believe that there are times to speak up when somebody’s behaviors are alarming, I do not think that it is ever okay to shame somebody for their appearance or their food choices.

How Exercise Affects Your Hormones

We don’t often think of exercise as something that causes stress in our bodies, but it certainly can. This is especially true if you are lacking sleep and not eating enough, and long-term excessive exercise can have devastating effects on the body.

Life, Etc.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Unlearning Toxic Behaviors If You Grew Up Around Abuse

The environments we grew up in often feel normal, even when they may have been destructive and have had negative effects on our lives. Fortunately, awareness of the ways in which our not-so-perfect upbringings have affected us is a huge step toward stopping the cycle of unhealthy behaviors.

Roominate Engineering Toy Encourages Us To #LetGirlsBuild, Because STEM Is All Kinds Of Awesome

It’s great to see more diversity in kids’ toys that encourages free thinking rather than pushing gender stereotypes.

Jes Baker And Jade Beall’s #EmpowerALLBodies Project Does Exactly What It Says, Plus Five Other Beautiful Body Positive Campaigns

All of these campaigns are fabulous. Let’s stop pretending that all women look a certain way, or should look a certain way. It is past time to acknowledge that we are all different, and there is beauty in our diversity.

Sandra Bullock’s People Cover. Media Boggles That Beautiful 50-Year-Old Is Called “Beautiful”

When will it be okay for somebody to just be beautiful? Not beautiful despite anything, or beautiful for their age, or any other nonsense. People are beautiful. Period.

Why The World Needs The Mentally Different

A beautiful piece on what can be learned from the people around us.

That wraps up this week’s links – I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 4/26/15

  1. I feel bad for that nutritionist. It’s hard as medical professionals to get a clear picture of their patient especially if they are not a therapist. If the patient hired the nutritionist to lose weight, technically that’s what they are being paid to do. It would be the same situation if she paid a plastic surgeon to give her a boob job. The surgeon’s job is to do that regardless if they think the patient needs it or not. It’s the nature of the beast.

    • Unfortunately, I think that’s often true. Many medical professionals are simply trying to satisfy patient complaints without seeing the whole picture. It’s one of the reasons that I advocate a more holistic approach, as well as believing that all medical professionals have extensive training in common mental health issues with physical components, such as those found in eating disorders

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