Worthwhile Reads 4/12/15

Good morning, everybody! I worked all day yesterday and I’m doing some volunteer work and babysitting today, so my weekend hasn’t exactly been restful, but it has been good nonetheless. I hope yours have been a bit more rejuvenating, and you are enjoying your Sunday so far. As usual, I’m linking up with Amanda today to share some good reads with you. Enjoy!


If We Were Taught To Value Ourselves

A great, succinct post on learning your own value.

When You Learn To Hate Your Body From Your Own Family

This post is wonderfully honest and relatable to me. Familial relationships are complicated, and it can be challenging to remember to care for ourselves in families where we have undervalued. This author has some great insight into preserving family relationships while learning to value oneself.

What Is Your Body’s Natural Set Point?

As always, I adore Robyn’s empathetic and direct approach to food and health in this post.

Scientists Manage To ‘Give Mice Eating Disorders’ By Knocking Out One Gene

Some interesting research on the genetic components of eating disorders.

@Hayls_SprinklesOfSunshine Eating Disorder Recovery Instagram By Hayley Kremer Goes Beyond Surface Symptoms To Inspire Everyone

I love seeing those in recovery using social media to inspire and educate!

Migraine Med Linked To Eating Disorders In Teens

I find this interesting primarily because I took this medication for about two years in high school. Although I doubt that this is responsible in any way for my eating disorder, it is still intriguing to see the connection.

Teenagers Start Body-Image Campaign To Teach Girls Self-Love

It’s wonderful to see things like this taking place! Girl power, y’all.

Rescue The Anorexia Girl? Really?

It’s despicable that this app was developed in the first place, and I am glad to see that it has received so much backlash.

An Open Apology To All Of My Weight-Loss Clients

This is beautifully written and so very honest. Unfortunately, a lot of damage is done out of ignorance when it comes to diet and weight loss, and it takes courage to apologize for these mistakes.

Life, Etc.

5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Working In The Service Industry (And 5 Ways To Be A Better Consumer)

As somebody who works in the service industry, I agree with this so much. When customers are kind and patient, it makes a world of difference!

The Joy Of The In-Betweens

An encouraging read when things feel sort of up in the air.

Being Okay Being Last

A great article on accepting ourselves for where we are rather than falling victim to comparisons.

The 7 Most Ridiculous Examples Of Food Chains Jumping On Health Trends

Ultimately, companies want our money and they will jump on any bandwagon to get it.

Wasting Life, One Day At A Time

This is a good critique of the effect our reliance on technology has on relationships. I’m as guilty as the next person of killing time on my phone instead of living in the moment, and one of my favorite things about studying abroad was that nobody had a cell phone. I feel like there has to be a compromise where technology enhances rather than replaces real life, but I don’t have answers for how we get to that place.

That wraps up this week’s links – have a fantastic remainder of your weekend!


4 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 4/12/15

  1. I love the article from Everyday Feminism. I frequent that website whenever I am at a loss as to how to think about different issues. Melissa is always so insightful. Great articles!

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