Five Things Friday 4/10/15

Happy Friday, everybody! I have a busy weekend planned, but I’m hoping to fit some rest in there somewhere before I have to head into another week of work. As usual on this Friday, I’m linking up with Clare to share some of this past week’s highlights with you. Enjoy!

Five Things I Ate


Amazing sushi on my birthday. I am proud to say that I tried almost every one of these rolls, and they were all equally wonderful. I also had a complimentary glass of champagne given to me by the restaurant, as well as a bowl of miso soup. It was the perfect birthday meal!


A prosciutto panini while out to lunch. This is easily one of my favorite sandwiches at one of my favorite lunch spots.


An eclectic hybrid Easter-birthday lunch with my family, consisting of pulled pork, baked beans, potatoes, and asparagus…followed by cake, of course!


One of the Easter cookies that I made to take to church last week. I tried a new recipe, and they turned out beautifully!


My boss made this caramel buttercream cake for my birthday since I make the employee birthday treats every month, which was incredibly sweet of her. My anxiety around food was high that day, but the small piece that I had was heavenly.

Five Things I Pinned

S'mores Bites - a twist on the classic dessert, make these little S'mores Bites in the oven!

These s’mores bites look divine.

I don’t really know why, but I love this quote.

15 clever & creative door mats

Since I have left my straightener on for an entire day several times over the last few weeks, I think it is safe to say which of these I need most.

♡ Pretty Pink Page ♡

Just be your badass self.

"I AM" Chakra painting by Dr. Laura Koniver. "If you could greet each day saying and *feeling* these truths, taking a moment to connect deeply with each one, your health would blossom (from bottom chakra to top): I am safe I am creative I am strong I am loved I am expressive I am connected I am Divine"

Short mantras to keep in mind.

Five Things Making Me Happy

I cleaned my car this week, which desperately needed to happen. I went a little crazy cleaning it and it is squeaky clean inside and out, which feels fantastic. It’s funny how something so ridiculously small can calm my mind and make me feel accomplished and organized, but that’s the reality.IMG_5976

A good friend of mine sent me this birthday gift that she wrapped cleverly with a paper bag, which I loved at least as much as the gift inside.


The weather was beautiful yesterday, and I spent a good deal of time journaling about some things that came up in my therapy session. Even though getting myself to write can be hard when I’m having a rough day, it always pays off with new insights and opportunities for emotional release. On a side note, I’m still not over my popcorn phase. In an effort to be more intuitive with food, I’m just going with the flow and eating popcorn as long as it still sounds good to me in the afternoons without overanalyzing it too much.


I have been wanting a new book bag for some time now, and I got one that I absolutely adore for my birthday. It holds everything beautifully and smells like leather, which I love. I know that it is something I will use all of the time, and it was lovely that my mom remembered my search for the perfect bag when she thought of what to get me for a birthday gift.


I have mentioned this time and time again, but I am continually overwhelmed by how blessed I am to have the people that I have in my life. I work with people that I love, my friends feel close even though they live across the country, and I am getting along well with my family. Relationships are complicated, but they are so very beautiful, and I am grateful that recovery allows me to see that.

That sums up my week! I hope you are able to enjoy a fun, safe, and relaxing weekend.


4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 4/10/15

  1. I really want that “slide to unlock” doormat. That’s so catchy! Your bag is beautiful and perfect for the writer you are. Have a great weekend!

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