Five Things Friday 4/3/15

Good morning and Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Clare on this Good Friday morning to share some of my week’s highlights with you. Enjoy!

Five Things I Ate


I went to a bizarre, poorly organized ski patrol fundraiser at a bar with my dad last weekend, and they haphazardly served tacos with chips and salsa. The tacos weren’t spectacular, but the tortilla chips tasted homemade and were not too shabby.


I went to Pizza Hut for the first time in years the other day, and it was better than I expected. I’ve never been a huge fan of Pizza Hut, but they have expanded their menu quite a bit and it made for a decent lunch out.


I brought home this portobello baguette from work the other day, and it was so delicious!


My mom bought a new car last weekend, so I treated her to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. ordered this, along with some edamame and miso soup. It was excellent, as always!

Rice and dahl from an awesome restaurant that opened nearby fairly recently. It is always exciting when our little town branches out its restaurants, and this place has not disappointed so far!


Five Things I Pinned

A great reminder for all of us when we dwell on the challenges of life.

Very true. Habits can certainly be changed, but it takes time, effort, and patience.

I was the kid who always got in trouble for not thinking before I spoke. I think I’ve gotten a little better at knowing when its best to stay quiet, but it can be exhausting sometimes. And every once in a while it’s good to let your feisty side out.

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars by

These look awesome – and easy!

PEEPS Sugar-Sprinkled Easter Cookies

These cookies are all kinds o’ cute.

Five Things Making Me Happy

I had a fun week dog-sitting this dog, even though she is the most high-strung creature that I have ever encountered. I was reminded of housesitting for the same people last year, and how different that experience was from this one. Last year, my anxiety around food was still through the roof and I was much more steeped in my eating disorder than I am today. Housesitting this time around felt comfortable and normal, which was wonderful!


Somebody wrote this on the whiteboard at work this week, and it was a nice little reminder to see throughout the day.


A friend of mine bought baby ducks, and they are adorable, although this picture doesn’t do them justice (damn heat lamps). I went over to her house for a wine tasting the other night, and everybody who was there spent the first half hour or so just staring at the ducks while they did painfully cute things. It was an excellent way to spend an evening, if you ask me.


I received these beautiful flowers in the mail yesterday from a college friend of mine! It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m so touched that she thought to have flowers sent. Friends are wonderful parts of life, and I am grateful that I can now appreciate the relationships that I could not focus on in the depths of my disorder.


Speaking of my birthday, I am so very happy to have made another year of progress in recovery. If I think about where I was on my last birthday, I have grown in ways that I did not imagine possible since then. On my 23rd birthday, I weighed myself in the morning. I counted every calorie. I restricted my food and ate only what I deemed safe. I worked out at the gym because I felt I had to. I was still miles away from ever responding to hunger cues. On my 24th birthday, I will not even think of my weight when I wake up in the morning. I will count no calories whatsoever. I will not go to the gym. I will go out with friends and eat enough so that I can enjoy my birthday. I often get discouraged with the time that recovery takes, but thinking back is an excellent reminder of how far I have come and a great motivator to keep moving forward.

That’s it for this Friday – whether or not you have big Easter plans, I hope your weekend kicks off to a great start!


8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 4/3/15

  1. Happy Birthday to you! It’s amazing how much one year can change things…and for the better at that! Enjoy your day, you absolutely deserve it! 🙂

  2. Happy early birthday! I love looking backward a bit to see how I’ve changed and self-assess whether the changes were good or not so good. You surely have made GREAT changes!
    Those duckies are so cute! I grew up getting small flocks of chicks (in the mail!!) and loved watching them all run around under the heat lamp when you tried to pick them up. Baby animals are so much fun to watch 🙂 Happy weekend!

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