Worthwhile Reads 3/29/15

Good morning! Another week has flown by, which means I am linking up with Amanda to share a few good articles and such that I found this week. I hope you enjoy!


Eat When You’re Hungry, Not When It’s ‘Time’

Eating according to my body’s needs rather than the clock is still something that challenges me every day, and I am so grateful for this post. We are offered a plethora of advice when it comes to what and when we should eat, but this is an excellent reminder that our bodies are the ultimate authorities on their needs from day to day.

Abnormal Brain Responses To Hunger In Patients With Anorexia

The brain chemistry of eating disorders is fascinating to me. It is encouraging to see that research is being done to learn more about the neurological effects of eating disorders, and I hope that continued research will result in a greater understanding and more effective treatment.

How Dating Forced Me To Address My Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are painfully isolating, and it can be difficult to recover when there is not much of a life outside of the disorder to pursue. This is a wonderfully honest story of how one woman pursued recovery by pursuing a relationship.

Anorexia And The Dangers Of Blog Post Titles

The role of family members in recovery can vary so much from one case to another, and everybody has different recommendations and beliefs about the issue. This article does a great job of looking at all of the complications of knowing how and when to include family in an individual’s recovery process.

Pride Before A Fall: The Intertwining Of Pride And Shame In Eating Disorders

An interesting look at how shame and pride relate to one another in the presence of eating disorders, and what that says about the social context in which these disorders develop.

Like The Way You Look? Cool. If Not, Read This.

Good things to keep in mind when our inner critic comes out.


This post makes some valuable points regarding why an obsession with fitness is not necessarily much better than an obsession with thinness.

Life, Etc.

In Defense Of Crying Like A Baby

Although crying can make others uncomfortable, it can be wonderfully cleansing and a reminder of the gift of sensitivity that some of us possess.

Katie Goodman’s “Sorry Baby, You’re A Feminist” Is A Hilarious Song For Women Who Say They Aren’t Feminists But, Like, Kinda Are Anyway

The word ‘feminism’ has so many connotations and many reject the term without even entirely understanding what it means. This is a great video debunking some of the common myths surrounding feminism in a refreshingly funny way.

There Is No Expert On You

For as long as I can remember, I have made decisions based on others’ validation of my choices. No matter their expertise, other people do not always know better than we do when it comes to the choices that affect us.

Experiencing The Power Of Breath

When I practice yoga, one of the hardest things for me to do is to focus on my breath. I tend to clench up and hold my breath rather than breathe through poses, and I know that I have the tendency to neglect deep breathing in my daily life as well. In recovery, deep breathing was one of the first things that I started practicing regularly to help with my constant anxiety. Focusing on breath throughout our day rather than only on the yoga mat can reduce anxiety and center us when we are feeling overwhelmed.

That’s it for today, friends. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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