Worthwhile Reads 3/22/15

Good morning! I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t believe it’s already Sunday, but that seems to be the case. On this lovely day, I’m linking up with Amanda to share some good reads with you. I hope you enjoy!


HA Update: 1 Year Later

I admire Sam’s courage to take the plunge and commit herself to regaining her menstrual cycle, and I’m so glad that it has paid off in health and happiness! This post was extremely encouraging for me to read, and I think it could encourage many others in a similar situation.

The Scale

Such an excellent post on why weight is not necessarily a reflection of health, and how it causes so much unnecessary pain and anxiety in the lives of many. Giving up weighing myself was a huge turning point in my recovery and, although it has been hard, it has helped me reshape how I think about my health and value.

I’ll Have My Latte With A Splash Of Guilt

A great post on how having “skinny” versions of foods and drinks can impact the choices we make, but not for the better.

If Men Want Women To Have Better Body Image, Maybe They Should Stop Focusing So Much On Our Bodies

This is a bold piece on women’s body image as it relates to the patriarchal society we live in.

Recovering Around A “Backdrop Of Disorder”

I have had to come to terms with just how disordered our culture is. Challenging our sick culture is such an important and empowering part of our own recovery, as well as an essential part of preventing eating disorders in this society.

Am I Still Disordered?

A great post on the in-between part of recovery, when one finds oneself less disordered than they used to be, but not quite fully recovered. In our culture, it can be easy to settle for the acceptable level of disordered eating that our society applauds rather than full recovery, and this post has some good questions to ask yourself if you think you may be in such a space.

Vlog 3/19/15: Extreme Hunger

Hunger in recovery can be terrifying, and this video is definitely worth watching if you have found the frightening experience of hunger sending you toward restrictive behaviors. Extreme hunger in recovery is completely normal, and a sign that the body is trying to heal itself.

Redistributing The Weight

Weight gain and distribution in recovery is another thing that can be incredibly scary. This is a good account of one person’s experience, along with some tips for reducing the discomfort of weight gain and redistribution.

I Had Anorexia – But Not Because I Wanted To Look Like A Fashion Model

Unrealistically thin models are certainly damaging to women’s body image, but it needs to be understood that eating disorders are much, much more than a desire to be thin. They are mental illnesses with both environmental and biological factors.


Are We Addicted To Stress?

A great article on our culture’s constantly stressed-out state, and what can be done to reduce stress in our own lives.

A Hug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Have you hugged anybody lately?

What Happens If We Let Fat People Be Happy?

A very worthwhile piece on confronting our society’s belief that people society deems as “fat” do not deserve happiness and cannot possibly achieve it.

How To Quiet Your Mind When You Feel Intense Anxiety

Some good tips on handling anxiety when it feels unmanageable.

How Do You Stop Yourself From Becoming Jaded?

It can be easy to develop a negative outlook with all of the pain around us, and this article makes some good points about the beauty of looking at the world with a loving perspective instead.

That’s it for this week – I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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