How I Make My Morning Oatmeal

Good morning! I hope you have a fun Saturday planned out on this fine day. I’m doing some babysitting this afternoon, but first I’m going to venture down to my favorite coffee shop to do a little journaling and a lot of coffee drinking. Before that, however, I am going to share my “recipe” for my morning oatmeal with you. Somebody left a comment last week asking how I make it, and I thought it might be nice to show you all the labor of love that is my morning meal, through the lens of shitty iPhone pictures. In my instructions, I’m not mentioning measurements because eating disorders love measurements, so you’ll have to figure out what works best for you if you try to make it.

I start with old-fashioned oats, although quick oats would work, too. Oats and water have a 1:2 ratio when you’re cooking them, so I put that amount of water in a small pan with some salt and bring it to a boil. Once it’s boiling, I add in my oats and reduce the heat to medium.


As the oats are cooking, I chop up some almonds and put them in the toaster oven with the temperature set around 250 degrees. You could also toast them in the oven, as I did before I got a toaster oven, but you would probably want a substantially hotter temperature if you did so.


Once a good bit of the water has been absorbed by the oats and they are starting to come together, I add one banana, sliced thinly.


Keeping an eye on the toasting almonds (or not keeping an eye on them and uttering a slew of expletives as I carry burned nuts to the garbage can), I whip up some egg whites with an old-fashioned egg beater. Obviously, an ordinary whisk would do the trick but this egg beater whips up egg whites like nobody’s business, and I like pretending I’m a 1940s house wife when I use it. I buy liquid egg whites, but you could use the whites from whole eggs and save the yolks for something else, of course.


After the whites are whipped up (the more whipped, the better) and most of the water is absorbed from the oats, I fold the whites into the oats and banana.


Finally, I stir in the beautifully toasted almonds and add a little more salt, a great deal of cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla extract. I often sprinkle in some hemp hearts, which provide a nice texture, but occasionally I forget.


That’s it! Serve the oats in your favorite breakfast bowl with a cup of piping hot coffee and you’re good to go!


I was extremely hesitant to try the whole egg whites in oatmeal thing, but I’m glad I did. They don’t make your oats taste like eggs, as I feared. My problem with oatmeal in the past has been that I thought it was too watery and made me feel like I was eating porridge in the book Oliver Twist. The addition of the egg whites gives the oats an awesome cake-y texture that can’t be beat. It also provides a good bit of protein to my breakfast, which is always appreciated.

Prior to my eating disorder, I never ate breakfast or, if I did, it was something minute like a granola bar. Once anorexia took over, I ate breakfast but it was a pitiful amount of food. Now, I need a big breakfast in the morning. It has taken me a long time to accept that hunger in the morning is a good sign that my body is working properly, but now that I have accepted that I need a substantial morning meal I am much more capable of enjoying it. If you decide to try my oatmeal method, let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “How I Make My Morning Oatmeal

  1. I’m not a fan of egg whites or eggs in general, but everything else looks delish! I like making overnight oats in a pb jar. I wait until there’s like 3 T of pb left in the jar, melt it with a banana in the microwave, add some almond milk, oats and chia seeds, put it in the fridge overnight and let it soak up the goodness. Nothing tastes better! 🙂

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