Five Things Friday 3/13/15

Good morning and happiest of Fridays to you! It’s Friday the 13th (again), and I hope your day is filled with the best of luck. I’m linking up with Clare and Jen again to share some of this past week’s highlights with you. Enjoy!

Five Things I Ate 

A piece of the lemon bars and ice cream cake that I brought into work for this month’s birthday treats. Oh my word. They were both absolutely fantastic, and I am so glad that recovery allows me to actually taste the things that I bake for people!


Asparagus. I adore asparagus, and it is finally in season and affordable enough for me to consume in large quantities. Hoorah!


Fantastic crab cakes and stuffed mushroom’s at a coworker’s dinner party last weekend.


Equally as fantastic Korean short rib lettuce wraps at the same dinner party. Mmm boy.


Delicious citrus fruit like it’s goin’ out of style.


Five Things I Pinned

Brains change. The environment you’re exposed to and the actions you take each day affect your brain. What happens today, and this week, and this month, is going to affect the health of your brain, your actions, and your decisions tomorrow, and next week , and next month, and next year.
When we struggle with a mental illness, we often want to change what’s going on in our brain right now. But that’s not possible. The only thing to do is to accept what your brain is throwing at you and learn from it. But what is possible, is taking actions today that are going to make your brain better able to make healthy decisions in the future.
There’s lots of great research and therapies out there that focus on how neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change—plays an important role in overcoming anxiety disorders and a range of other illnesses. Go and read about it. If you’re alphabetically challenged, watch videos on neuroscience.
You can’t control where your brain is at right now. But you’re in charge of deciding where it goes from here. So learn about it, and help to plan your brain’s journey to a healthier place.
- Mark

This is so wonderful. We can either learn to work with our brains, or spend our entire lives trying to work against them.

Fig and Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle | #recipe

I would like to make this pizza as soon as humanly possible.


Be Gentle With Yourself - 8x10 by HEARTMADEARTS (22.00 USD)

A pleasant reminder.

Natural Druzy Rose Gold Studs Titanium Drusy Quartz Earrings Rose Gold Vermeil Bezel Set

My birthday’s in three weeks…just sayin’.

Yes indeed.

Five Things Making Me Happy

After a really awful day Tuesday, the rest of the week has been ten times better. I am reminded of how fortunate I am that those terrible days are now few and far between, whereas they used to be commonplace. Not too long ago, a day like Tuesday would have felt like a good day, even, and I am so grateful that I have a life that is infinitely better than that now. Thanks, recovery!

I invested in a foam roller. My chiropractor advised that I get one because I need to do some stretches over it for my spine, and I decided that it would come in handy to have for general massage and stretching purposes as well. The gym that belong to has a plethora of foam rollers, but I know that I am not in a place where I am ready to be back at the gym, so it’s nice to have one at home.


Olive oil is the greatest eye makeup remover in the world. I used it in college but forgot about it when my entire life fell apart, and I’m so happy that I remembered how wonderful it is. It removes makeup like nobody’s business and it beautifully conditions your eyelashes!


My dog got a haircut, and he now looks like an adorable little alien man, which provides me with endless entertainment.


The weather lately has been to die for, which always puts me in a good mood. I have incorporated gentle walks into my life once again, including one that was out in the country, which was absolutely gorgeous. I need to be mindful of not getting rigid with exercise and keeping it low-intensity, but I am glad to be able to enjoy a nice walk again. The nice weather means that I can also sit in my favorite chair of all time, which hangs from a tree in our front yard. It’s the perfect place to snack, read, or just soak up the sunshine.



That’s my week in a nutshell! I hope your weekend is restful, fun, and safe, as every weekend should be.


6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 3/13/15

  1. I had a bad day on Tuesday, too. I love this post for instilling so much hope in me. It reminds me that in recovery I move away from the weeks I’ve been having and move toward weeks like yours! Full of choice, joy and gratitude. Thank you for sharing, and tell your dog he looks very handsome!

  2. THOSE EARRINGS! I love them! I am an earring fiend! We’ve had a beautiful week too! Unfortunately I’ve had to work most of it, but am really looking around for a bike to I can do some long rides. Spring is totally here!

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