Worthwhile Reads 3/8/15

Good morning! I don’t know about you, but my weekend has flown by. Fortunately, the weather here has been gorgeous, which has made it quite enjoyable. On this fine Sunday, I’m linking up with Amanda to share some worthwhile reads with you all. I hope you enjoy!


You Don’t Have To Have It All Figured Out To Move Forward

A great post on using the motivation to help others as a way to help ourselves.

An Amazing Thing Happened When I Surrounded Myself With Junk Food

My hope is to get to a place where I can eat intuitively and remove all of the stigma that I have associated with different foods. I have come a long way, but I know that I’m not there yet. As I navigate the process, I have found articles like this very encouraging.

Why Are People Up In Arms About Binge Eating Disorder?

Unfortunately, I think that this disorder is getting the most attention right now because it is assumed that those who have it are overweight, which is seen as undesirable in our society. I do not doubt that it is a real disorder and that many people suffer from it, but I wish that all eating disorders received this amount of attention and concern, not only the ones that are seen as less glamorous.

“Ugh, I’m So Fat!” The Perfect Response Every Time You Hear This

We hear it around us and in our own minds, so it’s good to have some responses lined up when negative body talk starts to surface.

Just Eat

It would be wonderful to see this documentary made. The more information that’s out there, the better.

Mothers, Daughters, And Food

An excellent article and call for stories about the mother-daughter relationship and its impact on our attitudes toward food and ourselves.

Social Media: Feeding Eating Disorders

As with anything else in this world,  social media can be used positively and negatively. I have seen wonderful opportunities for sharing struggles and victories in the eating disorder community, as well as potentially harmful and triggering material. As long as we are conscious consumers of what is around us, I think social media can have a huge benefit to one’s recovery, but it needs to be approached with a great deal of caution.

Life, Etc.

Turns Out, Fat Shaming Isn’t Gender Exclusive

This story has such a nice ending – everybody deserves the right to dance!

Myths Of Acupuncture 

I’ve been considering acupuncture lately for my back and hip problems, and this provides some great insight into some of the misconceptions around the practice.

Fifty Shades: Glamorizing Abuse Or Harmful Escapism?

I tend to side with the camp that believes Fifty Shades of Grey glamorizes an abusive relationship, but it’s intriguing to read the multiple points of view that are out there.

I Went To New York’s Cat Cafe 

If you need some cats in your life (and I know you do), this is worth a look.

That’s it for this week – I hope you have a fantastic remainder of the weekend and a good start to your Monday!


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