Worthwhile Reads 3/1/15

Good morning and welcome to this Sunday’s Worthwhile Reads post, where I link up with Amanda to share some interesting articles and such from around the Internet. There have been some fantastic posts related to eating disorders over the last few days since it is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which I’m excited to share with you! But first, look at this cute cat that I own:

 She has found her happy place, rubbing her head against my desk. Alright, on to the reads!


5 Common Questions About Eating Disorder Recovery

This video is fantastic and definitely worth 6 minutes of your time.

6 Months Into My Anorexia Recovery, I Finally Smashed My Scale

Although I haven’t yet taken this step myself, I think destroying the scale is a wonderful act of defiance against an eating disorder and I commend this author for having the courage to do so!

What Doctors Must Know About Eating Disorders

I have lingering resentment and frustrations with the medical community for how I was treated while displaying clearly disordered behaviors. If all doctors knew things things and more, perhaps fewer eating disorders would go undetected or minimized.

35 Body Positive Mantras To Say In Your Mirror Every Morning

These are some excellent boosts of positivity to look at each day!

Today, I Break My Silence About My Eating Disorder

This is a wonderful piece on one woman’s experience of anorexia that is refreshingly honest.

Eating Disorders Are About Science, Not Vanity

This is an fascinating read on some of the biology behind eating disorders and disordered thinking.

“I Had No Idea.”/ 2015 Eating Disorder Awareness Week

A good, succinct post on the role of shame and self-worth in keeping eating disorders hidden.

A Review Of The Literature: Five Excellent Books For Anyone Dealing With Anorexia

I have not read all of these, but could highly recommend a few of them.

Life, Etc.

Breaking Free From Your Family’s Expectations

I’m dealing with this quite a bit right now. At some point, we need to start advocating for ourselves and choosing what we want for our lives as unique individuals.

This Guy Will Pay Your Dumpster Diving Fines

This. Is. Awesome. I am totally pro-dumpster diving!

Digging Up The Roots Of Our Emotional Issues

So many seemingly small experiences can have huge impact on us that linger even after the memories fade. There is incredible power in being vulnerable and diving into the hard parts of our lives that have made us who we are.

Coming Back To Your ‘Beginner’s Mind’

A good read with some helpful journaling tips for seeing your life through a new perspective.

21 Quotes On Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It

Girl power!

That’s it for this week! I hope your weekend has been restful and you are able to practice some self-care today to face the week ahead.


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