NEDAwareness: I Had No Idea

Good Monday morning! Today’s post is brief – I just stopped by to offer a reminder that this week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “I Had No Idea,” a theme that I find myself relating to far too well. The National Eating Disorders Awareness Week website has some great materials available to download or print, and as I was scoping out the site I found myself connecting with many of the images.

For an alarmingly long time, I had myself and everybody else convinced that I was dieting for health reasons and that I was obsessively running despite injury because I was passionate about it. Because I was overweight, I certainly did not see a reason to be alarmed, and those around me took even longer than I did to recognize that I had a serious problem. Eating disorders most definitely do not discriminate, and they go unacknowledged for so long because our society glamorizes dramatic dieting and an endless pursuit of physical fitness. Even as I cried out for help when I knew something was wrong, expressing my concern to doctors and nutritionists, my weight loss was seen as cause for celebration rather than cause for alarm. Until we begin to see how sick our society is making itself, eating disorders will remain a tragically common reality.

My primary goal during this week is to raise awareness to the prevalence, severity, and deep pain of eating disorders. If you feel so inclined, feel free to help me and many others by sharing information from NEDA‘s website, talking with friends and family members, or just expanding your own knowledge base surrounding eating disorders. And, if you think you may be struggling with disordered eating, please take it seriously and find the help that you deserve. Early intervention is critical and the NEDA website offers an option for online chat as well as a helpline that you can call for support.

That’s it for today – just a little shoutout to spread the awareness! I hope your Monday is as bearable as any Monday can be, and that you are able to start your week off on the right foot.


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