Worthwhile Reads 2/22/15

Good morning! I hope your weekend has been safe and restful thus far. I went out with some of my coworkers Friday evening and I had the day off yesterday, which was quite nice. I got a much-needed haircut, did some babysitting, and watched Gilmore Girls, which I have never watched before. All in all, it was a fairly productive Saturday. To get today started, I’m linking up with Amanda to share a few good reads with you. Enjoy!


Being Thin Didn’t Make Me Happy, But Being ‘Fat’ Does

An excellent, honest article about one woman’s experience realizing that being thin does not mean being happy.

Confessions Of An RD

I love how blunt and authentic this post is. In a world of diet advice, we all need to find what works for us as individuals.

Calories Are Not Bad For You

This post makes an excellent point about how ridiculous our society’s views toward calories are. Calories are energy for our bodies, not demons to be exorcised.

The Buzzwords Of Body Image 

A good post on how our exposure to the media makes us feel about ourselves and our bodies.

Public View Is Slow To Change On Eating Disorders

There are so many misconceptions about eating disorders, and these misconceptions lead to a substantial amount of ignorance in our society. Yesterday, I had a frustrating conversation with my dad that reminded me of just how ignorant most people are when it comes to understanding disordered eating. This is an excellent post counteracting some of the myths and judgments people hold against those with eating disorders with quotes and information from professionals who know the brutal reality of these disorders.

The Middle Ground: What No One Tells You About Recovery

This post was exactly what I needed to read this week. Despite how far I have come in recovery, I still fall into places where I feel like the journey is never-ending. The middle ground of recovery has proven trying for me, and I know that I am not alone in that.

The After-School Special Is Over: How Millennials Want To Talk About Eating Disorders

A good article on a woman who has chosen to share her experience with an eating disorder through comedy which definitely brings up some interesting points.

Life, Etc.

Finally, Someone Asked: Why Is The Swimsuit Issue Still A Thing?

Seriously, people. We should be over this.

Here’s How To Get More Out Of Your Affirmations

I like meditating with affirmations because it helps me retain my focus, but sometimes it can feel a little ridiculous. These are some good tips on choosing affirmations that are beneficial to you.

Hilariously Accurate Video Shows Why Moms Get Nothing Done

This is great! Chasing after a toddler is a full-time job in and of itself, never mind trying to do anything else on top of that. Parents have my utmost respect.

Red Pandas Have Way More Fun In The Snow Than You Do

Because sometimes you just have to watch videos of cute animals being cute.

That’s all I have for you today, folks! Enjoy your Sunday and I will see you back here later this week, which happens to be National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Have a great remainder of your weekend!


4 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 2/22/15

  1. Erin,

    Thanks so much for sharing my post on your blog! Much appreciated 🙂 It also gave me a chance to peruse your blog, which I haven’t visited before. Love what you’re doing! Keep up the awesomeness 🙂

    Best wishes during this Eating Disorder Awareness Week


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