Worthwhile Reads 2/15/15

Good morning! I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love. I spent the day working, but went to a fun party in the evening at a friend’s house and I was greeted with bountiful sunshine and clear skies when I woke up this morning, which always makes for a great start to the day. I’m linking up with Amanda again on this beautiful Sunday to share some worthwhile reads from around the Internet with you. Enjoy!


Years Of Hating Herself And Then One Simple Choice Changed Everything

One woman’s extremely powerful story about the transformation of her relationship with her body. I highly recommend this video, but there is talk of abuse in the beginning that I feel I should mention as a trigger warning.

Anorexia: Potentially Deadly, Treatable, And Still Not Always Covered By Insurance

I believe that the primary reason anorexia and other eating disorders are still not always covered by insurance is because of people’s ignorance surrounding the severity of the illness. Awareness needs to be increased so that people understand that eating disorders can happen to anybody, anywhere, at any age, and they can and do kill.

Why I’m Worrying About Vynase And Binge Eating Disorder

I was hoping somebody would write something about this new drug, since it has been in the news so much lately. This post addresses a lot of my concerns about the medication, including it being seen as a quick fix to treat ‘overweight’ patients who may or may not deal with binge eating, as well as the potential for it to be used for those with restrictive eating disorders.

7 Things People Who See A Therapist Are Tired Of Hearing

People have so many misconceptions about therapy. My dad always asks, “Have you gotten to the bottom of it yet?” in an obnoxious, joking type of way that drives me crazy. If you are seeing a therapist or contemplating seeing one, try to do what’s best for you regardless of stupid comments. People will have their opinions, but if therapy is beneficial to you, that is all that matters.

Kids As Young As 5 Concerned About Body Image

Body image work has been a big part of my recovery, and it has been one of the most challenging parts. It has allowed me to see how deeply ingrained negative thoughts about myself are, and how early on in life I began seeing myself has flawed. With a high level of awareness, my hope is that I can make peace with my body and teach an attitude of self-acceptance to my children if I have them.

How To Balance Your ED Recovery In College With Media’s Influence To Diet

Balancing the stresses of college and recovery is undoubtably difficult, but I believe it is possible with support and the right tools.

Life, Etc.

Check Out New Kids’ Book “Rad American Women A-Z”

This is fantastic. Growing up, I learned so much more about notable men in American history than I did about women, as I’m sure most children did. The reality is that there have been some extremely bad-ass women in our history who deserve to be celebrated!

Facebook Influences Your Body Image In An Unexpected Way, So Maybe It’s Time To Log Off

We all know that Facebook tends to lead to comparison, usually resulting in undervaluing yourself compared to others. Although I definitely use Facebook, I did make the decision recently to remove the app from my phone so that I would at least minimize my time spent in the comparison trap of the virtual world.

How To Quit Your Job On Good Terms

I have had to leave jobs for a number of reasons, and doing so can be sketchy territory. These are some good tips for doing so with grace and dignity.

That’s it for this week – I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and the beginning of your week!


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