Thinking Out Loud 2/12/15: Seattle Adventures!

Hello there Internet world! I’m linking up with Amanda on this unseasonably, unnervingly warm Thursday morning (hey thanks, climate change) to share some of my trip to Seattle this past weekend with you all. I figured it might be nice to veer away from a recovery-focused post for a change because, after all, friends and real life are what I’m recovering for.

Before I get on with the post, though, I want to thank the people who have reached out to me over the past few weeks. Hearing feedback from you and knowing that I am not alone in this endeavor is incredibly inspiring and motivational for me, and I always love making connections with people who have found my blog helpful. Beginning this recovery process was such a lonely experience initially, and I have discovered a wonderful community of people through this blog who can relate to the same struggles that I have experienced. If you ever want to say hi or just want to be reminded that you are not alone, feel free to email me at I would be delighted to hear from you!

And now, on to the post!

I arrived in Seattle on Friday evening and my friend met me at the airport. We spent the evening walking around her super cool neighborhood and had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, which was delightful.


After dinner, we spent the evening hanging out with her housemates, listening to good records, and watching some Parks and Recreation.


On Saturday morning, we walked downtown and explored Pike’s Place. We sampled local honey and beauty products, went to a fantastic tea shop, and wandered around in the rain.








We also explored some cute little shops in a building that used to be a train station, including the workspace of an old-fashioned book binder.


Saturday evening, my friend and I went to a bar called Montana, owned by one of my coworker’s friends. A few of my friend’s housemates came along, and we played Never Have I Ever while classily sipping our cocktails.



Sunday morning, I went with my friend and her housemates to the church they attend outside of the city. Afterward, my friend and I ventured to a couple of thrift stores. I was pretty good at containing my purchases, but I did manage to score a new shirt and a pair of earrings. We also checked out a fantastic bookstore called The Elliott Bay Book Company and I lusted after all of the stationery I wanted to cram into my suitcase and take home with me. Alas, I resisted the temptation to add to my already over-stuffed stationery drawer.

On Sunday evening, my friend and I walked around Volunteer Park, marveling at the gorgeous old houses as we walked and enjoying the flowers in bloom.


And, because no trip is complete without it, we stopped for an afternoon cup of coffee.


My friend and I went to dinner Sunday evening at a nice brewery, where we shared a fancy cocktail that was absolutely delicious. It was similar to a mimosa, but made with grapefruit juice. It felt kind of odd to only order one drink, but what are thrifty young adults supposed to do?


When we got home from dinner, we hung out with the housemates and played Dutch Blitz, the best card game in the universe, until the Grammys started. We watched a good bit of the Grammys, but they were way too fucking long and we eventually called it a day.


On Monday morning, my friend and I lounged around the house until it was time for me to catch a train to get to the airport. I got to the airport much earlier than I needed to, which was good because I happen to love airports. I like that everybody in an airport is there for the same reason, and that you have a window of time while waiting for a flight to do whatever the fuck you want, free from obligations. In this case, whatever I wanted included sampling every single product in The Body Shop. It was the perfect end to a lovely weekend! I’m not somebody who likes to run nonstop when I’m on vacation, so it was nice to take it easy and explore the city in a more laid-back manner.

I was often reminded on this trip of the beauty of recovery. The ability to relax and play cards, to eat at restaurants with minimal fear, and to enjoy the people around me are all such wonderful gifts. Recovery is the hardest thing I have ever done, but trips like this remind me of why it is absolutely, without a doubt, worth the effort.

That pretty much sums up my weekend! I hope the rest of your Thursday is downright fabulous, and your Friday gets off to an excellent start.


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 2/12/15: Seattle Adventures!

  1. I am so happy to hear that you had a good trip! It is so encouraging to hear from a fellow ED soldier getting though (and enjoying) a vacation. It gives me hope for me. Thank you! ❤

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