Worthwhile Reads 2/8/15

Good morning! I’m writing this brief post from Seattle, where I am enjoying a lovely weekend with my closest friend. It was pretty nasty and rainy yesterday, but the sun is out today and it’s been a great trip so far! As usual, before I go about my Sunday activities, I’m linking up with Amanda to share some worthwhile reads with you all. Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!



Giving Yourself Permission To Eat 

Something I continue to struggle with, but am working on every day.

How Karen Carpenter’s Death Changed The Way We Talk About Anorexia

A good article about how such a sad tragedy changed society’s views on the severity of eating disorders.

How To Raise A Body-Positive Daughter

The idea of raising a daughter with positive body image is daunting in this culture, but here are some good things to keep in mind.

Lotion: It’s Almost A Cliché In Self-Care, And Yet

Something as simple as lotion may sound small, but anything we can do to care for our bodies is a step in the right direction.

How I Learned That Being Thin Is Not A Requirement For Being Good At Yoga

Another great post on why you can’t determine somebody’s health or skills based solely on size.

‘Why Don’t You Just Eat?’ Eating Disorder Patients Are Caught Between Stigma And Government Indifference

Eating disorders are deadly and widespread, so why is there such little attention to their severity?

Life, Etc.

We Are All People

It is easy to forget the humanity of others, but even those in the spotlight whose choices we may not condone are people who deserve compassion and understanding.

What My Mother Taught Me Through Her Battle With Mental Illness

Having a loved one with mental illness can be painful and certainly challenging, but it can also provide a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves and others.

That finishes up this week’s reads for you all. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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