Five Things Friday 1/30/15

Happy Friday, everybody! I (perhaps foolishly) volunteered to help out a coworker by covering her shift in addition to mine today, so I have a long day ahead of me before I get to start my weekend. I’m looking forward to relaxing a little bit on Saturday, but before I can do that I am linking up with Clare to share some of last week’s highlights.

Five Things I Ate


These awesome chocolate coconut almonds that were at our employee party. They’re like tiny Almond Joy candy bars and they are delightful.


One of my favorite types of pizza with chicken, mushrooms, and roasted garlic cloves while out to dinner with a friend.


Part of this day-old strawberry almond scone from work.


Oatmeal for breakfast out with a friend. This was a big challenge for me, because breakfast has been my meal with the least variation, a meal that I have clung to and considered very safe. I still had oatmeal, but going to breakfast with somebody else was a huge change for me. It was different and it was challenging, but I had a lovely time with my friend!

Five Things I Pinned


A cute idea that I think I could actually manage to accomplish!


So very true.


How I feel about running these days. Also, Freaks and Geeks is the best.

We never know exactly why things happen the way that they do, but sometimes it is for the best that our plans change.

This is a fantastic attitude.

Five Things Making Me Happy

I’m going to Seattle to visit my wonderful friend in one week! It’s a short trip and I’m sure it will fly by, but I can’t wait!

I picked an official Chicago moving date. This is bittersweet, because I am leaving behind a lot of great things here. My therapist has been a Godsend, I love my coworkers, and things are pretty comfortable for me right now. I know, however, that moving will allow me to pursue more long-term goals and spend time figuring out what I want out of this life. For those things, I am incredibly excited.

I have another Saturday off of work this week! I might go cross-country skiing with some coworkers, even though it violates my month without exercise. Agreeing to go was gray area for me, but I would really like to spend time with them and I haven’t cross-country skied in years, so I decided to make an exception to my own rule. I’m choosing to spend time with people who happen to be engaging in physical activity, not choosing to engage in physical activity over spending time with people, so I think I’m feeling okay about the decision.

I started attending Sunday School at my church this past week. Before, I was always too hellbent on working out in the mornings and I never went, but we just started a unit on human sexuality that should be a great opportunity for dialogue in the class. I took a human sexuality class in college that was exceptional, so I’m looking forward to exploring the topic as it relates to faith once more.

I think my grandpa is finally feeling a little bit better. We discovered that he had quit his antidepressants cold turkey (don’t do that ever), which explains a lot. Hopefully now that he is back on them he will be his normal curmudgeonly self rather than his frighteningly depressed and anxious curmudgeonly self.

That pretty much wraps up my week! I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and all that it has to offer!


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 1/30/15

  1. So jealous that you are heading to Seattle next week! I miss being there…but not the rainy weather 🙂 BTW really enjoyed your posts this week about mid recovery. I had some mid way setbacks into calorie counting mode this week and reading your posts made me feel like it isn’t just me. Thanks a lot Erin. Enjoy some R&R this weekend.

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