Worthwhile Reads 1/25/15

Happy Sunday, friends! The last couple of days have been a little tough, but they bring out the fighter in me. I went through some journals from the time that I first moved home to focus on recovery, about 15 months ago, and was reminded of how far I have come. I was also reminded that none of the strides and successes of the last year would have been possible without food and weight gain. The battle against an eating disorder is hard, but I would never want to switch places with the girl I was a year ago. Never.

When the going got tough over the last few days, I called on my resources of mindfulness, journaling, and (carefully) searching the internet for inspiration and motivation for recovery. That led to some great reads, which I’m linking up with Amanda again to share with you. Enjoy!


When Staying Sedentary Is Healthy: Exercise And Recovery

A great post by somebody who has been there.

Recovering From Anorexia, How And Why To Start

A fantastic companion piece to this article, which has provided motivation for me more than once in recovery.

Former Biggest Loser Competitor: It’s A Fat Shaming Disaster, I Thought I Would Die

The entire concept behind The Biggest Loser is problematic in my opinion, and I’m glad that people are speaking out about what goes on behind closed doors and after the show ends. The idea that people who are overweight deserve to follow dangerously restrictive diets, or deserve excessive exercise, is such bullshit that only perpetuates negative stereotypes and fat-shaming.

Unpopular Opinion: Let’s Worry Less About Banning Thin Bodies And More About Fat-Shaming

It’s certainly true that any kind of body-shaming is negative, including that directed at thinner bodies, but thin privilege still reigns supreme in our society.

Dear Kate Moss [What Skinny Really Feels Like]

I remember my Weight Watcher’s leader using this Kate Moss quote at our meetings to inspire us, which I find highly upsetting in retrospect. This post beautifully exposes the raw pain that exists when you are living with an eating disorder. It is the worst feeling I have ever experienced, and I would argue that anything tastes better than that.

Life, Etc.

Health Magazine Advice Debunked – Part 1

“Healthy living” magazines can be ridiculous and contradictory, enough so that it’s really quite amusing.

This Is What A Zero-Waste Grocery Store Looks Like

This store looks incredible. I love buying things like oatmeal and spices in bulk because it’s more affordable and less wasteful, but this place takes that to the next level.

It’s True. Hugging Is Good For Your Health

For a long time, I hated hugging. Hugs were in direct conflict with my hatred of being touched. But over the last year or so, I have realized that I have become quite the hugger. I don’t know exactly what this says about me, but I’m accepting this change in myself with open arms (get it?).

Steps In Self-Love

This advice sounds simple, but I know that it is easier said than done for many of us. It doesn’t hurt to continually fill our mind with self-love messages, however.

10 Foods You Can’t Believe You Loved As A Kid

This is a funny stroll down memory lane, although I will always love SpaghettiOs….and balogna…and Lunchables.

“Chandler’s Treatment Of His Gay Father Is Appalling”: Everything Critics Realized While Revisiting “Friends” In 2015

I adored Friends when it was on and I still enjoy reruns as much as the next person, but revisiting it ten years down the road can provide some interesting insights.

That polishes off this week’s links! Enjoy the rest of this last full weekend in January!


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