Worthwhile Reads 1/18/15

Good morning! I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing or, at the very least, tolerable. I had the day off yesterday and I spent the day cleaning out my wretched attic, which was not exactly fun or relaxing. It was barely tolerable, really, but I’m glad to be getting it done once and for all. I have found what seems to be a metric ton of Barbies, elementary and high school homework, highly fashionable clothes from the early 2000’s, which has at least been an interesting stroll down memory lane.

Between the cleaning sessions and trips to the thrift store and recycling bins, I have been doing some online reading, and I’m linking up with Amanda to share them with you. Enjoy!


Hard News About Exercise And Recovery 

A good article about approaching exercise with caution in eating disorder recovery. It’s geared toward parents of recovering individuals, but I found it helpful anyway.

Is Your Self Worth Up For Sale?

It’s tragic that so much money is made off of body dissatisfaction.

Calorie-Counting Machines Are Pure Evil

An entertaining article with a lot of truth to it.

I’ve Decided To Jump On The CrossFit Hate Train

I can’t say that I hate CrossFit, since I’ve never tried it. I do disagree with a lot of the messages that seem to fuel it, though, which this article outlines nicely.

MinnieMaud Method And Temperament-Based Treatment 

A fascinating look at calories needed in recovery, as well as the importance of rest and brain re-training.

How To Stop Shaming And Start Loving Yourself

We’re our own harshest critics most of the time. Let’s knock that shit off!

Life, Etc.

Materialism Makes You A Broke Jerk, Science Says

An article by a wonderful friend of mine that makes some great points. Sure, we all like having nice things, but our obsession with materialism can ultimately make our lives far less fulfilling. Since I’ve been more careful about how I spend my money, I have found that I enjoy the things I do choose to invest in more, and I do not feel any less satisfied with less stuff in my life.

Expert Tips To Help You Catch Up On Missed Sleep

Sleep, I love thee.

How To Frost A Cake

I can bake a cake that is damn delicious, but I am a lost cause when it comes to frosting one. Perhaps these tips will save me from my next frosting-induced disaster.

Homeless Cat Cuddles With Abandoned Baby, Saves It From Freezing To Death

To those who say that all cats are evil, I present to you this news story.

Why I’m Done Being A “Nice Girl”

Women are taught to be nice, to take up less space, and to care for others. While nothing is wrong with being considerate and kind, I believe it is possible to be a kind person while advocating for yourself.

That’s all I have for you this week – I hope you are able to enjoy the remainder of your weekend and start Monday off right!


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