Worthwhile Reads 1/11/15

Good morning! I hope your weekend was restorative and restful. I’m linking up with Amanda and Jen on this lovely Sunday to share some links worth checking out with you all. I hope you enjoy!


The Cookies Aren’t For Eating: Food Hoarding, Eating Disorders, And Me

This is a wonderfully honest and interesting read about one woman’s experiences with disordered eating and her body.

Target Weight: Recover, But Not Too Much

An excellent post on challenges of recovery fully in a society so fearful of weight gain. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is so incredibly important to advocate for your own health and wellbeing, especially in recovery.

Chocolate For Fat People?!

How often do we see others policing the food choices of those around them? Perhaps we have even done it ourselves a time or two. This does nothing more than increase the shame surrounding food that already follows so many of us around, and this post makes an excellent point about everybody deserving the enjoyment of food.

Why Clean Eating May Not Be Healthy

I like this post because it acknowledges the importance of mental health, and the dangers of taking all-or-nothing approaches to our diet.

How To Improve Your Body Image

Good, practical advice for beginning to see our bodies for the amazing things that help us do, rather than focusing on the outward features that we wish were different.

Why You Don’t Need To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

We are fed the (untrue) message that we can be entirely in control of our weight. While I know from experience that it is possible to get to your “ideal” weight, I also know that life there can be utterly miserable if it is not where your body wants to live.

Life, Etc.

The Importance Of Listening To Your Menstrual Cycle

As I am trying to gain a greater understanding of my body as a whole, I find articles like these especially interesting. We are often told that our bodies are inconveniences to us, rather than embracing them and listening to what they try to tell us.

How To Sabotage Your Recovery From Depression

We are so quick to judge feelings as good or bad, when we would be better served to accept our emotions and find ways to care for ourselves in the more difficult times.

How To Listen To Your Body (And Become Happy Again)

Our bodies are not given nearly enough credit for the wisdom they possess. I struggle greatly with listening to mine and trusting it, but I believe that it is possible and that I may one day get there.

Changing The Discussion On Female Modesty

Our cultural emphasis on female modesty can be extremely damaging. Women are taught that their bodies need to be hidden, and that men are monsters with no self control. This is a great article on why reframing the way we see modesty is empowering and essential.

A Self-Care Planner To Get You Through The Week

For those of us who love planning, this is an awesome way to hold ourselves accountable. It’s easy for me to let true self-care slip by the wayside, and I think something like this could be quite helpful.

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and start your Monday off on the right foot.


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