Worthwhile Reads 1/4/15

Good morning! It’s the end (or beginning) of another week, which means another linkup with Amanda to share some good reads that I have found on the Internet over the course of the past week. Enjoy!


The Government’s Mandatory Calorie Counts May Be Hazardous To Your Health

For a short time during the past week, due to increased stress around eating, I was lured into the false security of counting calories. I didn’t do it as obsessively as I used to, but I definitely fell back into the pattern of tallying numbers and using them to determine whether or not I was “allowed” to eat rather than listening to my body. Luckily, it didn’t take long for me to remember how bat-shit crazy counting calories makes me, and how limiting it is. Perhaps some people can casually count calories long-term and not go insane, but I know that it is a one-way street into disordered thoughts and behaviors for me. Counting calories entirely obliterated any degree of trust that I ever had in my body, and there’s no way that I am heading back down that path again.

How Diets Hurt You (And Help Capitalism)

The diet industry is just that: an industry. Its objective is to make money. If diets worked and made us genuinely happier and healthier individuals, we would no longer need them. Thus, the diet industry would fail. By keeping us at war with our bodies, these companies are able to continue increasing their profits.

How Confessing About My Eating Disorder Led To The Biggest Disappointment Of My Life

A heartbreaking, well-written account of the vulnerability it takes to admit to your struggles with food, and how to see recovery as something to be proud of.

Show Yourself Kindness In 2015

With talk of so many resolutions to change something we don’t like about ourselves, how about we consider resolving to practice kindness toward ourselves instead?

My Weight Gain Success Story

You don’t often hear about weight gain as a success, but for many who have suffered from eating disorders, it can be a huge success and a major part of regaining health and happiness.

Eating For Health: Whose Side Are You On?

We have different bodies, with different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to food. It is simply impossible to narrow a population as diverse as the human body to one superior “diet”.

Life, Etc.

29 Things To Remember For The New Year

A nice list of things to keep in mind and try out as we begin another year.

Being A Friend When We’re Short On Time

Sometimes it can feel as though we are just squeezing one another into our schedules rather than genuinely enjoying the company of others. These are some great ideas for fully engaging one another in the time that we do get to spend with our loved ones.

How Much Money You’ll Save Not Eating Out, And The Numbers Behind Other Popular New Year’s Resolutions

An interesting look at how lifestyle changes can really add up.

Start A Fresh Relationship With Yourself This Year

Often times, we get so caught up thinking about our relationships with others that we entirely neglect our relationships with ourselves.

70 Ways To Make Others Feel Special

Creative, clever ways to show others that they matter.

Giving Up On “Guilty” Pleasures: 4 Reasons To Stop Feeling Guilty About Things You Like

This is an excellent article on why we should learn to embrace the things that we enjoy, even if society tells us that we should feel guilty for enjoying them.

Trader Joe Has A Brother. He’s Even Better.

YES. Aldi was the best thing about living in Indiana, and I can’t wait to shop there again!

That’s all I have for you fine folks today. Have a pleasant rest of your Sunday!


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