Worthwhile Reads 12/21

Good morning! In my time zone, today is Sunday, which means that I get the chance to link up with Running With Spoons and share some worthwhile reads with you! I didn’t spent a whole lot of time cruising around the web this week, but I was able to find some links that are worth checking out. I hope you enjoy!


 You Should Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model. Right? 

Although some women may naturally have the body type of the typical Victoria’s Secret model, it is likely that many have to go to great lengths to achieve that look. As far as I’m concerned, the lifestyle required to achieve that look (if it’s even possible) is not worth the sacrifices.

The One Question To Ask When Reading Healthy Advice

It can be oh-so tempting to assume all “health” advice is applicable to us, but most of it is probably not. I would argue that it is especially not applicable if you’re in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder, when more food rules are the last thing you need.

Why Food And Exercise Shouldn’t Touch

I still struggle to avoid dwelling on thinking of physical activity in terms of calories burned, but it is something that I have gotten much better at. Food isn’t an indulgence that is earned, and exercise shouldn’t be punishment. Period.

‘Successful Diet’ May Mask Eating Disorders

Weight loss is almost always applauded in our society, which makes detection of eating disorders challenging. The reality is that it is impossible to know who will develop an eating disorder, and I believe firmly in erring on the side of caution. Although facing the truth of a loved one’s suspicious eating and/or exercise behaviors is undoubtedly hard, it could save their life.

I Don’t Want An A For Anorexia

This incredibly well-written essay beautifully voices the fear of recovery, especially fear of the unknown. However, it also emphasizes that the fear of the unknown does not match the well-known, horrifying reality of anorexia.

BMI May Not Be The Last Word On Health Risks, Some Experts Say

A good article on why BMI is not the be all, end all of health measurement.

Chewing Gum Is Bad: 7 Reasons To Quit Gum

Chewing gum was a habit that I picked up as I descended into disordered eating. There may be nothing wrong with the occasional piece of gum here or there for most people, but gum is extremely triggering to me. I had never been much of a gum chewer before my disorder, but I found it a convenient way to distract from food as I got sicker. In the worst days of my illness, I restricted my gum intake to five pieces per day and counted those calories in my daily allowance. Although I am light years away from that place now, I have still been using gum to avoid eating from time to time. Rather than face the anxiety that eating when hungry can produce, I would chew a piece of gum…or ten. After talking with my therapist about it, we both agreed that it was time to give gum up cold turkey for a while. It wasn’t easy, but I am pretty stubborn once I commit to something and I have managed to stay off of it so far.

Life, Etc.

3 Steps Toward Identifying Your Feelings (And Therefore Stopping Your Self Silencing)

We are often taught to push feelings out of the way, which can negatively impact us in a myriad of ways. This article shares some simple advice for recognizing and acknowledging feelings.

How I Stopped Being Afraid Of Rejection

It’s true that we can avoid rejection by staying with what we know, but we can also miss out on so many amazing opportunities by choosing comfort over change.

Self-Care And Self-Love Aren’t The Same Thing. Here’s How To Have Both.

This is a great article on the difference in caring for yourself and truly loving yourself. I hadn’t given much thought to the differences between the two before, and there are definitely some good points and suggestions here.

Coping With The Commercialization Of Christmas

Don’t get me wrong – presents are the shit. I love getting them, and I really love giving them, but an obsession with gifts and commercialization can ruin the spirit of the Christmas season, which should be one of gratitude and appreciation. The past year of recovery has shown me how much there is to truly be grateful for, all of it more significant and beautiful to me than a new scarf or a Target gift card.

Those are this week’s links for you to peruse and enjoy. If you want to check out some other worthwhile reads, head back over to Running With Spoons and do some browsing. Have a great remainder of your weekend!


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