Five Things Friday 12/19: Oh Hey, Christmas

Good morning! Can you believe it’s the last Friday before Christmas? How did that happen already?! All things considered, I had a fairly good week, and I’m linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday post today! Following this post, I will promptly begin panicking about not having all of my Christmas errands finished. Feel free to join me!

Five Things I Ate


SUCH good apples. A couple of my coworkers and I split a case of these delicious Honeycrisp apples, and I’m almost wishing I had bought an entire case myself. They are fantastic!


Drinks and hors d’oeuvres with two of my coworkers last Sunday night. I love the women that I work with, who are all in their mid-fifties. There’s a lot to be said about intergenerational friendships.


A chicken, asparagus, broccoli, and quinoa bake that I made for the finale of The Voice. I thought it was a little under-seasoned, but it received positive reviews overall.


Some fabulous pizza at a party with friends from work. There was one with sliced grapes on it that was dynamite.


My dad is involved in the local Rotary chapter, and he invited me to their Christmas banquet. The vegetables were delicious and perfectly cooked, but I wasn’t crazy about the turkey roulade.

Five Things I Pinned


Why You Should Quit The Scale, Today.

'Life Should Not Only Be Lived' Coaster Set

Although I can’t remember the last time I used a coaster, these are lovely.

Post image for Fleur de Sel CaramelsFleur de sel caramels. I think I’m going to attempt to whip up a batch of these this week for gifts. Making caramel usually ends in disaster for me, so wish me luck!

Cute DIY kitchen art.

a nice person

Yes! I think you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat those in the service industry. And I’m not just saying that because I’m in the service industry, although that probably has some influence in my opinions on the matter.

Five Things Making Me Happy

1. My brother is in town! I’m really looking forward to catching up with him. Now that he’s engaged, I plan on bulldozing him over with my stupendous wedding ideas! I’m sure he will be thrilled.

2. I went to a party at this guy’s shop the other night, and his furniture is absolutely gorgeous. He’s a regular customer of ours, and he invited all of us to his birthday party. I didn’t win one of the things that he was raffling off, but it was still fun to hang out with coworkers and check out some of the beautiful furniture he makes.


3. Just look at how fucking cute my dog is for a second. I don’t get to see him that often, especially since I have been housesitting, so I love the times that I get to rile him up and play with him. I spent my 12-year-old life savings on this dog, and he’s been worth every penny.


4. Christmas hymns! I really love to sing, especially old hymns. It’s by far my favorite part of church this time of year.


5. Is it just me or is getting to read children’s books the best thing about babysitting? Fortunately, I take care of a little boy every week who absolutely loves a good story!

That concludes this week’s Five Things Friday post! I’m off to work and then off to a dinner party. I made chocolate cupcakes with bourbon buttercream frosting, topped with bacon to bring to the party. Hopefully they taste as delicious as they look!

Have a great weekend!


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