Worthwhile Reads 12/14

Hello there and happy Sunday! I had a lovely weekend, and I hope you did, too. To wrap up the week, I’m linking up with Amanda to share some good reads I have found lately. Check ’em out, and enjoy the rest of your weekend while it lasts!


How To Do Christmas Better

Yes! I love that this writer decided to tackle the challenges of facing the holidays with an eating disorder. This post, like all others of hers that I have read, makes some excellent and articulate points.

Eating Disorders Are A Psychological Issue And Should Be Treated As Such

An excellent article advocating for the education of medial professionals regarding eating disorders.

Intuitive Eating And ED Recovery

Eating intuitively is a fantastic goal, but eating when hungry and stopping when full are not simple when you are starving, physically and mentally, all of the time. After doing untold amounts of damage to your body through restricting food, intuitive eating may take quite a while, and that’s okay. It is so important to trust the process of recovery and not use intuitive eating as a new set of rules to follow.

Calorie Restriction, Anorexia Nervosa, And Memory Gaps

After my post earlier this week, I was interested to read a little more about the science behind gaps in memory with an eating disorder. Although this article doesn’t provide totally concrete answers, it was still a pretty fascinating read.

What Not To Say This Holiday Season

You never know what somebody’s going through. When in doubt, don’t say anything.

WIAW – We Are A Lot Like Babies

A great post on why it makes sense to be flexible when it comes to food.

Life, Etc.

16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People

Well, this pretty much sums me up.

6 Ideas To Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, & Rethink This Holiday

Despite all of the wonderful things about the holiday season, this can be the most wasteful time of year. Here are some good tips for cutting down on that waste while still giving great, thoughtful gifts!

A Writer’s Manifesto

This is fantastic. I love to write, but did very little of it for a long time because I never felt that I could write anything good enough. If it’s in you, write it!

The Gentle Feminist

In my opinion, feminism is incredibly important, but forcing beliefs upon others typically brings about negative results. Although I believe it is wonderful to educate those who misunderstand feminism, I prefer an approach that encourages genuine listening and understanding, which this writer articulates well.

When Work Takes Over Your Life

Although this isn’t the case for me anymore, there was certainly a time where work had entirely consumed me. I worked constantly, and when I wasn’t working I was forcing myself to exercise. This article provides some excellent questions to ask yourself if you feel work is taking up a little too much of your time and energy.

How To Love Yourself (From Someone Who’s Desperately Trying)

Self-love doesn’t come easy to many of us, and some things I’ve read about it are nauseatingly hokey and cliché. This post is funny and honest, while still offering some good advice.

That wraps up this week’s links! I hope you enjoy, and be sure to head over to Running With Spoons to find some more good reads. Have a great Sunday!


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