Worthwhile Reads 12/7

Why hello there! I looked out my window this morning and realized that I somehow ended up in Narnia overnight. I sure hate driving in it but, hot damn, snow is awfully pretty.

IMG_4500 Believe it or not, it’s Sunday, which means that it’s time for me to link up with Amanda to share some things that I appreciated reading from around the World Wide Web this past week! I read quite a bit of recovery-focused things this week because I was dealing with quite a few ups and downs in my recovery process, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of them. I hope you enjoy!


Recovering From Anorexia: How And Why Not To Stop Halfway

I read this article quite some time ago, but it was useful for me to reread this past week. It can be tempting to settle for partially recovered when full recovery feels too hard or too uncertain, and I appreciate the excellent points this writer makes for pursuing full, lasting recovery.

Why I’m Completely Giving Up The Scale

I wholeheartedly applaud this decision! I am proud that I have been able to resist weighing myself since I decided to take a hiatus from the scale. Although I don’t know how long my hiatus will last, the longer I go without weighing myself the more I am able to see the benefits of never, or very rarely, doing so.

Silencing The Food Cops: Learning To Trust Your Body

The food police are everywhere around the holidays, are they not? I sometimes struggle to remember that what others are eating does not fucking matter, because my body and its needs are unique to me on any given day, but it’s true that comparisons are useless. We all have different needs at different times, and we are the experts on ourselves.

The Body Image Lesson The Media Won’t Teach You 

Mainstream media has us believing that our bodies exist for little else than pleasing others, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

Everything I Thought About Recovery Is A Lie

I definitely relate to this post. Although, to some extent, anorexia recovery is about the food and disordered behaviors, it is also about much more. It’s hard to let go of an eating disorder when there’s nothing left in its absence, which is why discovering who you are and who you want to be during recovery is so important.

Life, Etc.

5 Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Anxiety

There’s no way I’m capable of a headstand, but these are some good poses to have in an anxiety-relief repertoire.

What Self Loving People Do Differently

Easier said than done, maybe, but interesting for those of us who are working on caring for and loving ourselves.

The Platinum Rule

Of course it’s important to treat others well, but it’s equally as important to believe that we deserve to be treated well.

Why Disappointments Don’t Defeat Us

Sometimes it’s necessary to sulk for a while after something doesn’t work out the way we had hoped, but there are always chances for new growth, and sometimes an even better opportunity will open up.

Releasing Expectations: It’s Okay To Be Where You Are

A year ago, if somebody had told me that I would still be in recovery and still struggle with my disorder, I wouldn’t have believed them. I thought that I would be able to nip this pesky disorder in the bud and move on with the snap of two fingers. I mean, all I had to do was learn to eat more, right? I was undeniably naive about the importance of time in recovery, which I now see as a key component. I have had to remind myself again and again that I am where I am for a reason, and it’s okay to be here.

America, We’ve Got A Problem

Social justice is an important component of my faith, and my heart breaks seeing the injustices recently making headlines in this country. We most certainly do have a problem, and my hope is that maybe these events will bring about necessary change in this broken nation and world.

That wraps up this week’s links! I hope the rest of your weekend is restful and rejuvenating. I overcommitted myself (story of my life) and am dog sitting for two families tonight, which should be interesting. Luckily, I do have some self-care activities planned for the day. Wish me luck!


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