Worthwhile Reads 11/23

Good morning! Can you believe it’s already Sunday? I haven’t spent as much time browsing online during the past week as I sometimes do, but I have still managed to come up with some links worth checking out. Enjoy, and head over to Running With Spoons to check out a few more good reads!


Adolescent Girls And “Not-Quite” Eating Disorders

Some great tips for parents on navigating the challenges of raising girls in a culture that is a breeding ground for disordered eating and negative body image.

Eff You, Pinterest (Part 3)

I hate, hate hate fitspiration. This blogger has some great (and funny) responses to some of the most ridiculous pins out there.

The Google Diet. No Need To Keep Searching. 

Well, this just makes me want to work for Google.

In Defense Of Carbohydrates


To Be Free…

I’m still working on getting to a place where I feel free from my disorder’s influence, and this is an encouraging post.

Thanksgiving And Eating Disorders: A Mini Survival Guide

I’m optimistic that my Thanksgiving will be much less anxiety-ridden than it was last year, but these are some good tips for me to keep in mind, as well as anybody else who struggles with such a food-centric holiday.

Life, Etc. 

Mother Yourself

This is fantastic.

5 Ways To Be More Grateful This Thanksgiving – And All Year Long

Gratitude is powerful. A year ago, I started a gratitude journal where I write down something I’m thankful for every day. Not only does it keep me mindful in my day-to-day life, it is also interesting to look back through previous entries and remember what I was going through at different times in the last year.

College Killed My Love Of Reading

I read a lot of important things in college, but the joy of a once-loved leisure activity was removed by the hours spent reading required textbooks. For my education’s sake, I’m glad that I read what I did in college, but It feels good to be out of school and reading what I want, on my timeline, once again.

That wraps up this week’s links! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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