What I Ate Wednesday 11/18: Lollipops And Thai Food

Good morning! Today is Wednesday, which means I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons to share a full day’s worth of food with you guys. Yesterday was a little out of the ordinary because I drove two hours to see David Sedaris, so my food choices were a bit out of the ordinary, as well. It’s nice to break up the monotony of daily life sometimes, is it not?


Well, it’s nice to break up some parts of the monotony of life. Oatmeal is still my main squeeze in the morning. It’s perfect with my freshly roasted cup of coffee, which was a light/dark blend of Central and South American coffees lightly flavored with vanilla almond. Perfection.


A couple of hours into work, I ate half of a pecan roll that my boss made and had it with a strong mid-morning cup of coffee.


For lunch, I finished off the last of my tortilla chip crumbs with another taco salad. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? To a big mix of vegetables, I added a little bit of ground beef, some black beans, salsa, and hot sauce. I had carrots with hummus and a pumpkin spice yogurt with my salad. Usually, I’m a bit of a freak for pumpkin things, but I’m honestly not that smitten with this yogurt…which is too bad, because I bought a fairly large supply of it. Sigh.


After I got off of work, I met up with my mom to drive the two hours to the show. Before hitting the road, I ate a tasty apple with some of this cheese, which is the cheese to end all cheeses. Honestly, it is quite possibly my favorite cheese of all time, which is really saying something because I’m a girl who loves me some cheese.



I also had a tasty little lollipop and a can of soda while on the road. I’m conflicted about diet soda, because I have definitely abused it in the past and still do occasionally, if I’m being honest. Sometimes, though, it just hits the spot. Yesterday, I needed some caffeine to get me through the drive and I was done with coffee for the day, so I opted for a can of my longtime love, Diet Dr. Pepper.


About halfway through the drive, I needed a snack. I had come prepared with a variety of packable items, and I decided to eat some delicious trail mix. Then, I took a nap while my mom drove because I am essentially a 23-year-old infant.


After we got to our destination, my mom and I decided to check out a Thai restaurant for dinner. I had a red curry over rice, and stole a couple of my mom’s sesame green beans. The curry wasn’t spectacular, but it suited me well enough. I also drank a whole lot o’ tea with my dinner, which was delightfully warm on a frigid evening.

David Sedaris was spectacular. If you haven’t read or heard his books and essays and can tolerate some crude humor, I can’t recommend them highly enough. His live reading was wonderful and he seems like a very genuine, kind person, which is always a good impression to get from somebody you admire.

The show ended a little after nine, so I left immediately afterward in hopes that I could make it into bed before 1am. I was glad that I had napped earlier, because driving while tired is the absolute worst. Thanks to my nap, however, I was bright-eyed and arrived safely home by 12:30. At this point, with dinner 7 hours in the past, I was pretty damn hungry. I debated about whether it was better to go to bed hungry, since breakfast wasn’t so far off, or to eat something before bed. Because I wanted to be able to sleep as well as I could, I decided that having a snack was the right decision and I ate a piece of toast with peanut butter and some bottom-of-the-box cereal. It was definitely the right choice.


That wraps up my Tuesday for you as far as food is concerned. All in all, it was a pretty decent day. The entire time that I was at the show last night, I couldn’t help but feel so immensely grateful for how far I have come in the last year. In my recovery, no day is perfect, but a trip like this would never have been possible a year ago. Gradually, I’m finding my footing in recovery and pursuing the life that I want to live, which feels spectacular.

Have a fabulous rest of your Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


One thought on “What I Ate Wednesday 11/18: Lollipops And Thai Food

  1. I feel you on the diet soda. I definitely feel some guilty drinking it, but I don’t react negatively as long as I don’t overdo it. Idk.

    Love your eats though. The thai food looks amazing. I can’t find good thai around me yet. 😦

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