Worthwhile Reads 11/16

Good morning, everybody! I worked yesterday, so I don’t know if I’m ready for a new week to begin quite yet, but it seems to be happening despite my protests. Even though I’m not entirely ready for Monday, I’m in pretty good spirits because Harriet The Spy was on TV yesterday, and that happens to have been one of my favorite movies for a solid five years or so of my childhood. It was tied with Matilda. I guess I appreciated a strong female protagonist even at a young age. Watching favorite childhood movies as an adult always lends itself to some new insights, doesn’t it?

In addition to Sunday being the beginning of a new week (or end of an old one depending on your calendar), it also means that I am linking up with Amanda to share some good reads with you! Enjoy!


Women Buy Fashion Magazines To Fat-Shame Themselves, And It’s Time For A Change

It took me a long time to stop buying magazines that are harmful to my recovery, but I have finally done it. If I look at one now, I notice an substantial increase in my level of insecurity. We’re exposed to enough damaging images without us supporting the industry financially, willingly subjecting ourselves to those images and ideas.

How To Be A Good Ally To Fat People Who Appear To Have Lost Weight

These are excellent tips to be a good ally to anybody, I think. I never, ever compliment people on weight loss because I hate that weight loss is an assumed improvement in our society and I know how much it hurt when I felt like I was dying and people were telling me how much better I looked. Are you fucking kidding me?

New Victims Of Anorexia: Elementary Age Girls And 40 Somethings

It is overwhelmingly frightening for me to think about an increase in eating disorders in such young girls. If starvation could have the effect it had on me, at age 22, it terrifies me to think of all that it could do to somebody younger and less developed. It’s equally as saddening to me to see an increase in eating disorders in older women, and this study shows that these disorders are insidious and can affect anybody.

A Walk Is The New Run

There’s something I love about walking – maybe it’s the monotony, the pace, or the ability to take in my surroundings. In any case, I find long walks one of the most enjoyable forms of activity out there.

I Had Plastic Surgery At Age 13. Here’s How I Finally Learned I’m Beautiful

This is an insightful article, and it offers some great strategies for learning to accept ourselves.

5 Ways To Love Your Body

I know that I tend to be much nicer to others than I am to myself. It’s something I’m working on, and I encourage you to do the same!


When I started losing significant amounts of weight, my period disappeared within the first few months. Foolishly, I didn’t think of it as a big deal or consider the fact that my body was under ridiculous amounts of stress. This post is blunt and straight-forward, and gives some reasons why losing your period is a big deal.

Restrictive Diet vs. Limited Diet

Sometimes, it’s important for us to limit our diets for medical reasons. I think the reasoning behind such limitations is the key component in whether or not it is a healthy decision. Are the foods being eliminated because you genuinely feel better without them? Are you still eating enough other foods? Are you not limiting the foods in the interest of having a perfect diet or cutting calories? Personally, I know that it is best for my recovery right now if no food is off limits, but there may come a time when I change my diet in the interest of genuine health, and this author has some great insights as somebody who has restricted food in a disordered way in the past and is now attempting to limit foods in a more balanced way.

Life, Etc.

11 Everyday Meditation Methods For People Who Swear They Can’t Meditate

As somebody who does not consider herself particularly skilled in the area of meditation, I think these are some great things to try.

Why You Should Be Using More Cinnamon

Ha. If I used any more cinnamon, I would probably overdose.

Confessions Of A Woman With Resting B Face

The struggle is real.

How To Recover From Stress

The effects of stress are not only mental – we suffer physically, too! This post has some tips to help our bodies recover.

Kitten Therapy Is Every Bit As Adorable As It Sounds

I would pay embarrassing amounts of money to have this done to me.

Those are this week’s links! Head over to Running With Spoons for some more good reads, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


5 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reads 11/16

  1. Thank you for sharing my post, I appreciate it. I do agree that losing your period is a big deal. I wish more people did too. These are all great reads and I’m checking some out now! 🙂

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