Five Things Friday 11/14: Oh Hey, Winter

Good morning! Today is Friday (yay!) which means that I’m linking up with Clare to share some tidbits from the last week with you all. Happy reading!

Five Things I Ate


I went to Panda Express with my family the other day, and it was majorly disappointing. I ended up only eating a few bites before going somewhere else and getting a different dinner. Life’s too short to eat bad Chinese food, people.


My coworker brought me some fabulous lentil soup that she made, and it was incredible. I ate it with maple balsamic vinegar and raw spinach on top, alongside a piece of toast.


As I do every Monday night, I watched The Voice at a friend’s house this week. She got some mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce and caesar salad at Costco for dinner. As far as store-bought foods go, Costco usually does alright and this wasn’t a bad dinner.


For some reason, I bought these Yummy Earth organic lollypops that were on wicked sale the other day. No regrets, though, because they are delicious. I’m pretty sure my coworkers appreciate the handfuls that I bring in from time to time, too.


I had a delightful Asian chicken salad at work the other day. I am lucky to work at a place that makes the best salads. My only complaint is that sliced almonds were advertised as being included, and guess what? No sliced almonds to speak of. It was free, though, so I can’t whine about it too much.

Five Things I Pinned

Listen to your instincts.


master bedroom

I would like to spend the remainder of my life in that bed, please.

Nice mantras.

Coconut Oil Mask 7

I use coconut oil in my hair about once a month and it makes it incredibly soft and manageable. If you haven’t already, I recommend giving it a try!

Five Things Making Me Happy

1. Although winter and I have a complicated relationship, these first few days of cold weather have been downright gorgeous


2. This cat has taken to affectionately sitting on my back when I lie down. Or, maybe she’s plotting my death while she sits there. Either way, it’s pleasant.


3. I gave blood this week! I was so excited to be able to do so because it has been years since I could. I kept doing silly things like going to Africa, getting tattoos, and being underweight. It felt amazing to be able to help others in this way and not pass out in the process! And the best thing about giving blood? When the nurse asked me my weight, I genuinely had no idea what to tell her.


4. I’m going to see David Sedaris this week! If you haven’t heard of him, he is one of my absolute favorite, utterly hilarious authors and I can’t wait to see the show.

5. My lil car got its snow tires on this week, which is a Godsend. I had summer tires on that were absolutely terrible and I hydroplaned like crazy (one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable) whenever there was the least bit of precipitation. It’s a major relief to have that taken care of and this car is so ready for winter now.


6. Okay, I’m adding a sixth thing because I’m majorly excited for Thanksgiving! It will be wonderful to have family and my dearest friend here, including my fabulous cousin who lives in Chicago. I was even able to get a few days off of work!


That wraps up this week’s Five Things post! Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and I promise to have some great reads for you on Sunday!


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