Five Things Friday 10/31: Happy Halloween!

Hello everybody! Happy Friday and Happy Halloween to you all! I’m linking up with Clare again this week to share some Top 5’s of the last week. Enjoy!

Five Things I Ate 


A Trader Joe’s Organic Pumpkin Toaster Pastry that my coworker brought back from Chicago. As a connoisseur of both pumpkin products and PopTarts, I would say it was pretty darn good.



I went out for dinner and drinks with a couple of coworkers after work the other night, and I had this awesome sweet potato soup. It had a subtle coconut flavor to it, and the pumpkin seed garnishes were a nice touch. I also had a vodka & soda, which was lovely. After a couple of years of drinking very infrequently, though, I definitely think I’m a one drink maximum kind of girl these days.


A morning glory muffin somebody baked and brought into work. It was fantastic, despite the fact that the picture I took kind of looks like raw meat. It had pecans, apple, carrots, and a bunch of other tasty things in it. I’m definitely going to need to steal the recipe.


A lunch consisting of California rolls from the supermarket, edamame with garlic salt, and miso soup. Delicious!

Five Things I Pinned

introverts happy

I don’t totally know what my personality type is – most tests put me somewhere between extraverted and introverted. In any case, this is fairly interesting.

We are meant for more.

Envelope Ring 19th Century

Love, love, love this ring.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread CookiesPeanut butter chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Are you kidding me? These look unbelievably amazing. I definitely need to tuck this recipe away into my file of potential desserts to make for Birthday Wednesday at work.


Gray is my favorite color. Does that make me boring? Maybe. Who cares?

Five Things Making Me Happy


1. My dearest, kindred spirit friend is coming for Thanksgiving! She has been there for me through the worst of the worst, and I am unbelievably thankful for her presence in my life. Last year’s Thanksgiving was stressful and difficult. I’m hopeful that this one will be ten thousand times better!

2. I got a raise at work! It’s not a huge amount, but it feels good to be acknowledged for hard work and it will help me continue saving money for my big Chicago move.

3. I love my family. Really, I do, but it has been wonderful living on my own. When you get to a certain age, it can be tough to live with the ‘rents, and I feel as though my mom and I are able to enjoy each other more now that there’s some space between us. Hooray for independence!

4. I finished Gone Girl. Holy shit. Now I just need to see the movie so I can talk about how much better the book is. Yep, I’m going to be one of those people. I’m also happy because I ordered two more of the author’s books, and I can’t wait to get started on them.


5. I repainted this mug that I made and I actually followed the directions for how to make the paint stay this time. Guess what? Following directions pays off!

That wraps up my five things this week! I hope you have a wonderful, safe Halloween. I probably won’t look as cute as I did in this picture, nor will I have a naked baby with me, but I’m hoping my costume turns out well!

Halloween with Jesse


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