Thinking Out Loud 10/30: Purse Hoarding and Ewoks

Happy Thursday, everybody! I hope you are all eagerly getting your halloween costumes ready for tomorrow. I know that I’m going to be spending a fair amount of time over the next day trying to finish (okay, start) my costume. I’m not the most creative person, so we’ll see how it turns out. In the mean time, I’m linking up with Amanda today to share some of what’s going on in this ol’ brain of mine.

1. I took the dog on a gorgeous walk yesterday, right before it started pouring rain. It’s still hard for me to see walking as exercise sometimes, simply because I enjoy it so much and exercise has traditionally been a label reserved for forced, unpleasant activities. It is exercise, however, and it can be absolutely lovely.


2. This showed up at work the other day, and I’m fairly intrigued by it. I mixed espresso with carbonated water one time and it was not a pleasant experience for my mouth, so I’m hesitant to try it. What do you think?


3. My dog is going to be an ewok for halloween. He doesn’t even have to dress up! Now I can pretend that not getting his hair cut for far too long was a strategic costume-related decision rather than lazy pet ownership. Perfect!


4. I’ve tried out a new yoga class these past couple of weeks that I am absolutely loving, and last week the instructor gave each of us a rock with a word written on it to take home. My word was tranquil, and I’ve been thinking about how the concept of tranquility applies to my life. Living in this house over the past week has certainly given me a sense of tranquility. There’s something about being in my own space, able to make my own choices on my timeline that gives me a feeling of peace and calm that I am wholly appreciating.


As far as time of day goes, early mornings are the time when I feel tranquility most. I usually feel alert, peaceful, and optimistic first thing in the morning. I love feeling like the rest of the world isn’t moving quite yet, especially if I’m outside.  IMG_4053

5. It may be time to clean out my purse. Yesterday, I found a book, my journal, two lip balms, a container of lotion, a muffin, my wallet, 40-50 bobby pins, a granola bar, and at least five pens in there. I have a tendency to hoard items within the confines of my purse – I once carried a pair of socks around with me for at least six months. Yikes.


That wraps up this week’s Thinking Out Loud post! Stay tuned for a post about acceptance and acknowledgement, which I’m writing as soon as I can convince my brain to form cohesive thoughts. Have a great day!


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