Worthwhile Reads 10/19

Good Sunday morning, everybody! I hope your weekend has been rejuvenating and relaxing. I’m getting all packed up to begin my two month housesitting job tonight, which is sort of awful because packing is the absolute worst. In order to delay this dreaded activity, I am first taking some time to share a few links that I found especially interesting this week. Enjoy, and head over to Running With Spoons if you’re itching for some more great reads!


Uncovering Yoga’s Hidden Eating Disorder Epidemic

Unfortunately, yoga can become another destructive avenue of comparison and perfectionism when it comes to our bodies. At its best, yoga is beautiful in the way it connects us to our bodies. However, I know that I used yoga as another way to increase calorie burn and unhealthily obsess over my body for quite some time, and I know that I’m not the only one who has done so.

How Yoga Can Heal A Fractured Body Image

Although yoga can be another breeding ground for disordered body image, it can also be a wonderful way to truly appreciate our bodies and be present in them.

Restricted Eating = Restricted Tastebuds 

I love this commentary and have had many of the same thoughts about “healthy” recipes that claim to taste like desserts. I’ve even tried a few – plain yogurt, three chocolate chips, and cinnamon do not equal cookie dough in any sense of the word, FYI.

Fighting An Eating Disorder On A College Campus

I can relate to so much of what the author of this post says, and she offers some great encouragement through her success story.

When Pinterest Pisses Me Off

Ugh. Amen to this. I spent countless hours on a stationary bike, either looking through the Health & Fitness Pinterest category for inspiration, or browsing recipes to appease my hunger. These posts may motivate women, but they motivate them to develop body hatred and unhealthy attitudes toward their bodies.

Anorexia, Anxiety, and Letting Go

One of the worst parts of my experience with anorexia was the crippling anxiety that took over my brain. It was something I did not anticipate or understand, and learning how to relax through anxiety has been a huge part of my recovery.

100% Consumer

The diet industry wants one thing: our money. If we find ways to be happy with ourselves, they don’t get that money. In order to be conscious consumers, we need to realize that this is not an industry that wants to help us be our best selves.

I Don’t Give Two Shits About Dressing ‘Skinny’

How sad that we live in a society where looking ‘skinny’ is the ultimate goal for women.

What To Do When You Fear Weight Gain Or Do Gain Weight

I’ve significantly decreased how frequently I weigh myself recently. That, coupled with reducing the intensity of my exercise has sparked some fears surrounding weight gain for me. This article provided me with a nice little boost and a reminder to take care of myself.

Life, Etc.

Stressed Out? Try This Ancient Breathing Exercise

Who isn’t stressed out, am I right? Why not try a new relaxation technique?

Friendships That Flourish

Genuine friendship is based on give-and-take, honesty, and encouragement. I am privileged to have several friendships that flourish beautifully, no matter the distance between us. Recovery has made me more grateful for these friendships than ever before.

5 Nasty Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Green Beauty Products

I’m not obsessive when it comes to checking labels, but it’s always good to have some information about what’s going into the products we use regularly.

Could A Walking Meditation In The Park Be A Way To Deal With Too Many Problems?

I love this idea!

That’s it for this week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whether it’s cool or warm, sunny or cloud-covered. I’ll be settling into my new house, and with views like this one in the front yard, I am quite looking forward to it!



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