Worthwhile Reads 9/28

Good morning! I hope you are all well-rested and gearing up for the week ahead. I’m linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons today to share some links that will get your week off to a good start!


10 Reasons to Question Fitness Magazines

Fitness magazines used to be my go-to source for feeling shitty about myself. Although I stay away from them for the most part now, these are 10 great things to keep in mind when you find yourself being wooed by their allure.

Why “Fitspiration” Isn’t So Inspirational 

When I mad a rule for myself that I could only look at the Health and Fitness category on Pinterest, it was the worst kind of turning point in my disorder. Too often these “inspirational” messages serve only to make us feel bad about ourselves and bad about other women.

WIAW: Calories Are Not A Bank Account

Such good insight from this blog, as always!

The Time That Whole Foods Made Me Realize I Don’t Want To Live Forever

I love this person’s take on overanalyzing food choices. All food is food and sometimes the foods that aren’t exactly in line with our way of eating are what make life interesting.

Life, Etc. 

How To Focus During Savasana

This is something I always struggle with in yoga. Clare offers some good tips!

The Unexpected Benefit Of Being Bad At Yoga

It’s tempting to want to do everything perfectly in yoga, but that can sometimes lead to missing the point.

The Comparison Trap

Social media can make dangerous comparisons to the lives of others all too easy. Comparisons take up a huge amount of our mental space and energy. What if we used that energy for something else, something that made us happy?

Myths & Meanings: The Why Behind Anxiety

Anxiety can be absolutely debilitating, as anybody who has experienced it can tell you. This article debunks some myths about anxiety and provides some really solid information, both for those who struggle with it and those with loved ones that do.

The Problem With Nude Photos Isn’t Women, But Men Who Obsess Over Them

Emma Watson’s speech was inspiring, and the subsequent threat to release nude photos of her was incredibly disheartening. Although it was just a hoax, or joke, or what have you, the fact that it happened at all is telling of society’s attitude toward women who call attention to male privilege and sexism.

That’s all I have for you this week! Have a brilliant start to the week and enjoy these last few days of September!


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