What I Ate Wednesday 9/17

It’s Wednesday! Thanks to Peas and Crayons, that’s the day where we get to share some of our most interesting (or in my case, boring) foods of the past week. Yesterday was an insane day for me, starting with a long walk with the dog and ending with me collapsing into bed before 10pm. I managed to get everything done, but it was a whirlwind!

Breakfast started quite predictably, with the usual oatmeal and coffee combination that has proven a real crowd-pleaser.


After walking the dog, I started to get a wee bit peckish again. I ate a quick granola bar on my way into work and had a baby cappuccino when I got there.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was fairly hungry. I ate the lunch that I had packed for Monday because I ended up eating an awesome salad at work on Monday instead. Hooray for next-day lunches! And flexibility with meals!IMG_3757IMG_3756

Throughout the afternoon, I ate an assortment of little things here and there. I had part of a coworker’s scone, another granola bar, and some trail mix at various points during the day as I got hungry.


When I got out of work at 6, I was moderately stressed out. I had to bake two pies to bring into work today, and I was frantically thinking of how I was going to get all of the baking done, eat dinner, and have a moment or two to actually breathe before the end of the day. I went home, whipped up some quick dinner of pasta with sausage and vegetables and got to bakin’, yo! Despite my stress about the whole thing, the pies turned out superb. Well, nobody has tasted them because I haven’t gone to work yet, but if looks are any indication I think they will be quite the hit. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to snap any pictures, but I will definitely do so before they are entirely devoured. IMG_3759

After I baked the pies, I was so tired that I could barely hold my head up. I did a 10-minute body scan and started to fall asleep around minute 8, so I trundled off to bed for the night after a quick snack of toast. And boy howdy, did I sleep well!

That’s it for this week! Have a great Wednesday!


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