Worthwhile Reads 9/14

Happy Sunday, everybody! Hopefully you have some time to relax and enjoy the last of the weekend with a warm cup of tea and bountiful sunshine. Let’s get this week ended (started?) right with some worthwhile things I came across this week, shall we?


9 Body-Shaming Behaviors We All Need to Stop

We do so much body-shaming in this culture without even thinking about it. Sometimes it’s good to draw attention to the ways in which we tear ourselves and others down.

Women’s Greatest Threat Isn’t Misogyny, It’s Counting Calories

I love the honesty in this woman’s perspective. Misogyny is still a pretty big deal, though…

Even Normal Weight Teens Can Have Anorexia

The thoughts and behaviors of anorexia are usually present long before it is diagnosed, and long before an individual reaches the status of ‘underweight’. Let’s start paying attention!

I Found Out My Weight and I Feel…

I love Robyn’s courage and attitude toward discovering her weight accidentally. It takes strength to not let a number bring you down!

Life, etc.

What Love Do You Deserve?

I’m loving the essays on this site more and more. This one is short, but makes some good points about understanding our value and worth.

Our #Realnotretouched Campaign

Another reason to love this fabulous magazine!

Budgeting vs. Socializing

This came at a good time for me. Since putting myself on a pretty strict budget in an effort to save money for my move, I have had to think more about the ways in which I spend my money. I have had to get more creative about the activities I do, and think more intentionally about the ways in which I spend my money. I felt a little guilty last week after spending money on dinner and a movie, and I had to remind myself that the experience was worth it. Yes, I’m on a budget, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little money if it means enjoying time with friends and loved ones.

What It Means to be a “Real Woman”

We’re all real women, people!

3 Ways to Ignite Your Brain

I love me some good introspection!

Those are this week’s links! As always, thanks to Amanda at Running With Spoons for the link-up. Head over there for some more great links!


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