What I Ate Wednesday 9/10

Good morning and happy Wednesday, everybody! I’m doing an eclectic What I Ate Wednesday this week. Thanks to Peas and Caryons for getting it all started! 

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in Montana the weather is currently disgusting. I’m talking snow in September disgusting. So disgusting, in fact, that I have taken to eating breakfast in bed. 


It’s quite lovely, really. I whip up my breakfast and then crawl back into bed while I eat it. The only downside is that I sometimes get too comfortable and have what I like to call an Oh-shit-I-have-thirty-seconds-to-brush-my-teeth-before-I-have-to-leave moment. 


I ate the last of my quinoa enchilada leftovers at work today, which was a sad realization. To think that I would have never allowed myself to eat leftovers because of the impossibility of knowing exact nutritional information months ago is truly crazy to me now. I would have missed out on several delicious leftover lunches if I were still following those rules! What a loss that would have been. 


I harvested my one and only pepper from the garden yesterday! Growing food really gives me an appreciation for the work that goes into its production. To think that my entire growing season yielded one pepper the size of my thumb is pretty mind-boggling. So often, we take our access to food for granted and forget the journey it takes before it gets displayed in the grocery store or chopped up on a cutting board. On a separate note, I have an infatuation with miniature things, making this pepper and the previously mentioned tiny apples quite the delight. 


Morning snacks at work are pretty lackluster because we are generally rather busy between breakfast and lunch. I typically have something handy with me, like a granola bar. However, I know I have a tendency to create limits for myself, not allowing myself to eat more than what I planned on eating because of silly disordered rules. This past week, I have gotten more adventurous in this arena, having the occasional espresso drink with some form of milk in it for an added calorie boost if I get hungrier than I anticipate. 



For dinner yesterday, I went to the birthday party of one of my friend’s sons, who was turning one. And I ate cake! Funfetti cake, to be specific, which is probably the best store-bought cake that exists. I don’t really get down with frosting, but the cake was pretty damn tasty. The birthday party also provided me with a good challenge for myself. It challenged me to see that I can be trusted around food, including “unhealthy” foods like Funfetti cake. One little baby step closer to implicitly trusting my body, eh? On a side note, is it just me or do one-year-olds not give a shit that it’s their birthday? The birthday boy mostly just stared at everybody and ripped up paper. 

IMG_3713Although this may look like a crime scene photograph, it’s far more delicious! I’m always hungry for a bedtime snack, and this week I experimented with putting thawed huckleberries on toast. The review? Meh. The huckleberries were deliciously tart, but a little too watery. Better luck next time! 

That’s it for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. Have a great day while I’m attempting to stay warm and resenting the cold front that is creeping in far too quickly for my tastes. See you tomorrow! 



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