Thoughts on Healing

When I remember to do so, I like to read a daily meditation out of the book Women at the Well: Meditations on Healing and Wholeness. Sometimes the meditations don’t stand out to me all that much, but the other day I read one that truly hit home. It was titled All Women Are Healers, and I would like to share it with you. 

To heal ourselves is a reclamation of the power we have as living beings to live in harmony with the life energy and to fulfill our potentials as creatures among many on the earth.


It is time. It is time for women to reclaim their power to heal: to heal ourselves, to heal others, to heal the world. There is a spiritual dimension to healing that has been forgotten or suppressed too long. We know the power that can be gathered from the earth around us and channeled into our bodies for energy and healing. 


It is time. It is time for us to take control of our own bodies and to direct our own healing. It is time to believe our own experiences. It is time to listen to our own truths and to act. 


It is time. It is time to find energy and solace in meditation and in the companionship and strength of other women. It is time to share our healing energies toward the healing of the earth, for we are all of the earth and our healing is tied to the healing of the planet. 


It is time. It is time to rejoice and to celebrate life. It is time to think of ourselves as whole and beautiful, as worthy and passionate, as loving and wise. 


Guardian of our lives, help sisters to see that it is our right to live and to be whole, to know that healing will not come from outside, but from ourselves united. Amen. 

Karolyn Holm Burkett


Through the past year, I have had to have patience with my body and my mind as they have healed. When I was brutalizing myself through malnutrition and excessive exercise, I did not stop to think much about the damage I was doing to my entire being. From a holistic point of view, I was depriving my body of nutrients. I was pushing my muscles and joints beyond their limits. I was mentally abusing myself daily. Recovery from that kind of abuse takes time. But as I have seen my skin regain its softness, my hair begin growing once again, and my mind think more clearly I have become convinced of the process. Our bodies and minds are incredible things. They are capable of healing, even from the most painful, lasting injuries.

Trusting in the process of healing is hard when I want everything to happen on my timeline, but when I think back to all of the damage I did in the interest of losing weight, I need to give myself grace through the process of healing. I need to trust that my body, fearfully and wonderfully made as it is, truly can heal itself once again. 


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