Worthwhile Reads 9/7

Whew! Believe it or not, it’s Sunday already. It’s been a hectic, busy week, but I’ve still managed to find some things for y’all to check out. Give ’em a quick read, and head over to Amanda’s blog for some more fantastic links! 


9 Ways To Care For Yourself When Recovering From An Eating Disorder
I sometimes find lists like this oversimplified, but I really liked the tips this one has to offer.

How I Eat Whatever I Want
So-called normal eating is my ultimate goal, and reading posts like this is encouraging. We are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to eat when and what we want, and we all deserve that freedom.

Eating as an Eating Disorder Therapist
An interesting perspective- I know that in recovery I have had to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what others may or may not be thinking about my food consumption. What matters is what truly works for each of us and allows us to live fulfilling lives, as this therapist found for herself.

10 Better Body Affirmations for Young Women

Life and Other Stuff

10 Things All Highly Sensitive People Should Remember
I’ve recently become aware of the ways in which I’m affected by the world around me, and it’s helpful to realize that we are all experiencing our environments differently, for different reasons.

To Define is to Limit: An Examination of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Tests like the Myers-Briggs are always interesting, but none of us can be pared down to 4 letters.

We Were Taught to Rape
Sexual assault trigger warning
Our society sets women up for abuse and assault, and it’s unacceptable.

Monochromatic Lens: Talented Artists With a Passion for Black and White Photography
If you like photography, check out these gorgeous black and white photos from this group of female photographers!

Relax. It’s Good for You.

Relaxing shouldn’t be guilt-inducing. It should be, well, relaxing. Sit down and watch some Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids until Netflix condescendingly asks if you’re still watching. Then keep watching. 


That’s it for this week! Enjoy, and have a wonderful remainder of the weekend!


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